Great Barrier Reef Activities

At Lady Musgrave Experience we ensure that each individual activity in designed with the finest detail to maximise the guest experience. We are blessed to share the most pristine Great Barrier Reef environment, each activity brings that to life for you in the most interactive way.

Exploring our corals, plentiful marine life, coral cay island, the lagoon, turtles or every element of the Great Barrier Reef – you will find an activity perfect for you. Join us to live & breathe The Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef only 4 hours drive north of Brisbane. Access the Great Barrier Reef direct out of Bundaberg with Lady Musgrave Experience.

Day Tours

The Best Day Tour Experience on the Great Barrier Reef departs Bundaberg daily for the mesmerising Lady Musgrave Island, Reef & Lagoon. Our 35m luxury catamaran, the Reef Empress, will have you safely on the Reef in no time where you can explore a host of amazing activity options to create a Great Barrier Reef experience better than you ever imagined.

Design you day to enjoy Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Wildlife Experiences, Marine Biology, Reef Education, Glass Bottom Boat, Island Walks & More…



The Best Snorkelling Experience on the Great Barrier Reef is something that will stay with you for a lifetime. Explore the pristine reef and coral conditions as you become one with nature and the wildlife in our turquoise lagoon.

Our Lady Musgrave Experience Day Tour is fully inclusive of premium quality Mares mask, snorkel and fine. Catering for all skills and levels of experience we can provide flotation vests and noodles allowing a superb overhead view of our magnificent corals and pristine reefs.

Scuba Diving

Get yourself ready for the Best Scuba Diving Experience on the Great Barrier where we can cater for the most experienced and adventurous scuba diver to the absolute beginner.

Lady Musgrave Experience offers an amazing and personal scuba diving experience like no other that allows you to get up close with the beautiful coloured corals, unique marine life and enjoy and experience of the diverse underwater world of Australia’s Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Swim With Turtles

Nothing prepares you for the majestical nature of swimming with the turtles on the Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef. Lady Musgrave Experience offers you the ability to snorkel with Green and Loggerhead Turtles within the protected waters of the Lady Musgrave reef lagoon all year round. From October, when breeding season begins the waters are full of activity especially with turtles returning to mate and lay eggs on Lady Musgrave Island. Our in water snorkel guides assist you to experience this adventure of a lifetime.

Glass Bottom Boat

Enjoy the Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef on our glass bottom boat tours that allow you to have a full Reef experience and view the underwater world without getting wet. Relax in our high visibility glass bottom boats as our crew take you on a highly informative and visual tour of the Great Barrier Reef.

Witness the different types and spectacular colours of our hard and soft corals, the hundreds of tropical and exotic fish, resident turtles and abundance of local marine life that greet you from the comfort of our fully shaded, jet driven Glass Bottom Boat.

Marine Biologist For The Day

Love fish, turtles and corals – well why not learn as much as you can about them on the Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef, by becoming a Marine Biologist for a Day. Young or old, let us show you why we are so passionate about the UNESCO World Heritage beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

Become a Reef citizen scientist for the day, join our Marine Biologists, who will share everything you need to know about all the beautiful creatures you’ll discover, what role they play in the Reef and why it is so important we protect them.

Schools & Education

Lady Musgrave Experience is passionate about training the next generation about the critical importance of the Great Barrier Reef and the role we need to play in protecting it.

We work closely with many professional educational services like primary schools, high schools, both public and private, tertiary universities and advanced education bodies to bring the Great Barrier Reef to life in an easy to understand, highly inviting and interesting way. We loving expanding the communities knowledge and interest in the Great Barrier Reef.

Reef Keeper Program

The Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef is absolutely committed to the health of the reef for future generations – do you want to help us?

Join us to make a difference – whether you are studying marine science, or would like to gain more experience on the Reef itself – we would love to have you as a Reef Keeper.

Be inspired by the passion of the Lady Musgrave Experience team and create your own commitment to the reef to share with your friends.

Junior Reef Keeper Program

Kids love the Great Barrier Reef and we love creating an experience for them they will carry for the rest of their lives. We totally encourage the learning experience for kids aged between 6-17 years of age.

We will open up their curiosity to an underwater world they never knew existed and create a new generation of reef warriors and lovers of everything on the Great Barrier Reef. This is an extraordinary Great Barrier Reef experience for kids, the perfect way to introduce them to everything Reef as they learn first hand from experienced marine biologists and scientists.

Guided Island Walks

Picture an uninhabited coral cay island, teeming with wildlife and a host of diverse Great Barrier Reef Experiences and you have the Lady Musgrave Guided Island Walks. Join one of our very popular guided and informative island walks to learn about the unique and fascinating wildlife, history and natural phenomenons.

Our friendly and professional marine biologists will provide you with an intimate understanding of this beautiful and fragile island paradise. You will be amazed at the diversity and abundance of the ever changing wildlife that call Lady Musgrave Island home.

Whale Watching

Australia Whale Watching Experience is setting a whole new benchmark in how you will discover the magnificent beauty of these amazingly large marine mammals. You are almost so close you can touch them and they are as interested in you as you are in them.

We take you the unofficial ‘Whale Highway’ direct out of Bundaberg to see the playful nature of the juvenile migrating whales or the motherly love of mother and calf travelling to cooler waters. Bundaberg is the hottest new whale destination for the greatest whale encounters. Join us during July-October to see these beautiful mammals in their habitat.

Bird Watching

Lady Musgrave Island is the southernmost island of the Bunker Group of islands located in the Southern Great Barrier Reef. The region is also known as the Capricorn Bunker Group which contains a whopping 73-75% of all seabird biomass in the entire Great Barrier Reef.

Lady Musgrave Island is identified as a significant seabird breeding island that provides habitat for thousands of nesting seabirds including the white-capped noddy terns that nest in abundance in the Pisonia trees. The native Bridled Terns, Black-naped Terns and Silver gulls nest on the ground in more open areas close to the beach and Lady Musgrave Lagoon.