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Great Barrier Reef Australia Whale Experience

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Last season we had a 100% success rate in finding and seeing whales on our Whale Watching Tours. From what we understand this record wasn’t achieved anywhere else along the Queensland coastline. Bundaberg really is the new epicentre of whales for all whale enthusiasts around Australia & overseas and it’s why we established the Australia Whale Experience right here, out of Bundaberg.

Our luxury catamarans the ‘Reef Empress’ or ‘Main Event’ are the perfect viewing platforms offering guests a variety of places to spot whales, capture that perfect photo or video some of our giant sea mammals in their natural habitat.

Our vessels are fully equipped and have quite unlimited space, where after seeing as many whales as you can handle, you could just enjoy a relaxing day in the sun.

The day tour is a half day activity which gives guests travelling to the Bundaberg Region the perfect opportunity to visit some of our other major attractions.

Picture a stunning day out on the Great Barrier Reef with Lady Musgrave Experience, a brilliant visit to the Bundaberg Rum Distillery, the Bundaberg Barrel brewed soft drinks, the fascinating Hinkler Hall of Aviation, the modern highly informative Mon Repos Turtle Centre or any other of our amazing attractions or activities in the region.

We look forward to you joining us on the leading whale watching experience in Queensland & Australia. We are always out during the season from early July until mid-October.

Guests have the option of joining one of our 1/2 Day Trips with a single tickets or by purchasing a Six (6) trip season pass giving you unprecedented access to the most extraordinary Whale Experience.

Join us and don’t miss out on this amazing adventure. You really haven’t experienced Whales until you have joined the our crew on the adventure of a lifetime – just look at all the 5-star reviews from prior seasons.

Make a booking online with Lady Musgrave Experience via our website or visit the dedicated website Australia Whale Experience to learn more about Whale Watching off the coast Bundaberg or make a booking.