Lady Musgrave Experience Day Tours Video Introduction

Great Barrier Reef – Lady Musgrave Experience Day Tours

Learn more about what you might see.

We start the day from Bundaberg and highly recommend taking the VIP Captains Lounge for that little bit of extra comfort and being spoiled as we board the magnificent 35 metre Reef Empress catamaran and head out to Lady Musgrave Island & Lagoon on the Great Barrier Reef.
Once at Lady Musgrave Island, you will have a host of activities to choose from!
As we arrive at the lagoon the first thing you’ll be blown away by is the colour, the magnificent blues & the Great Barrier Reef.
This is where the fun really starts. 
  • Snorkelling the Lagoon & Great Barrier Reef – be ready to be amazed by pristine reef, colours and abundant marine life
  • Scuba-diving the Outer Reef, the lagoon or many of our surrounding remote world class dive sites
  • Swimming with Turtles which is a life-changing moment or happily search for any of the Great Barrier Reef Great 8 during the tour
  • Glass Bottom Boat Tours which are perfect for those concerned by water, but want to see the Reef close-up
  • Be a Marine Biologist for a Day – be ready to learn everything reef with our specialised team – kids love the program as well
  • Schools and Advanced education faculties love our tailored educational research programs to bring reef knowledge to life for any level of knowledge and experience on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Join our Reef Keeper or Junior Reef Keeper programs where our experienced team shows you how we look after the Great Barrier Reef and the changes you can make too
  • Guided Island Walks are very popular and informative – our scientists show you everything about this fascinating ecosystem
  • Whale Watching, you may well be lucky seeing whales on the way to Lady Musgrave Island or on the outer reef or of course you join our partner the Australia Whale Experience for 100% guaranteed Whale watching bonanza
  • Bird Watching in their natural habitat gives enthusiasts a real delight on the Lady Musgrave Island
  • Camping Transfers – as we visit Lady Musgrave Island daily, we can drop you and your belongings off on the island and safely return you to shore.
Join Lady Musgrave Experience for the Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef. Reach out to see how we can create an amazing unforgettable experience for you, your friends and family.

Barrier Reef Tours Itinerary

  • Check In

    Arrive at Bundaberg Port Marina and check in at 6:50am for your day tour adventure with Lady Musgrave Experience. Get ready to experience a day on the Southern Great Barrier Reef on one of Queensland’s most luxurious vessels visiting the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

    Finding us is easy, simply Click Here to view the Google Maps page. We are well known in Bundaberg, so you won’t having any trouble finding us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Meet The Crew & Come Aboard

    Meet the crew and get ready for an awesome day out on the reef with Lady Musgrave Experience, Lady Musgrave Islands premier day tour adventures. Our crew have a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Marine Animals and more to share with you throughout the day.

    If you have any questions, our Crew are more than happy to assist you with your questions, no matter what they are.

    Simply board the vessel, REEF EMPRESS and get started on the Southern Great Barrier Reef Tour of a lifetime!

    Meet The Crew & Come Aboard

  • Cruise Away / Departure

    We commence our adventure and get on our way to a day of fun and exciting times on the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t forget to keep your eye on the water, you never know what you will see on the way out to Lady Musgrave Island.

    If you spot some of the Great 8, share the experience with others around you and let them know where to look. The Great 8 are unique to the Great Barrier Reef and seeing these amazing marine animals is truly an amazing feeling.

  • Look At The Great 8 As You Cruise

    The Great 8 are well known around the world for being exclusive to the Great Barrier Reef. See if you can spot all The Great Eight on your day out on the reef with us.

    You can learn more about The Great Eight by browsing our website. We add more info from time to time as new discoveries about these animals are found. So check back from time to time, to find out what’s happening in the lives of the Great Eight, Southern Great Barrier Reef.

    Look At The Great 8 As You Cruise

  • Be a Marine Biologist For The Day!

    Learn how to record reef health observations, the abundance of iconic reef creatures, and the important roles they play as part of this mesmerising and resilient World Heritage listed marine protected area.

    Your participation will support conservation of the reef and contributing valuable information to the management of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Learn how to collect data using the Eye on the Reef and CoralWatch citizen science methods.

    Learn More >>

  • Morning Tea

    Enjoy a scrumptious morning tea aboard Lady Musgrave Experience with a selection of Fresh Fruit, Baked Items with Tea and Coffee while enjoying the surrounding beauty of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

    What else could be better than enjoying morning tea cruising out to the great barrier reef for a day of fun!

    Morning Tea

  • Lunch On The Reef

    Enjoy a relaxing and tasty lunch on the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Soak up the sun with a Fresh buffet including Salad’s Seafood, Cold Meats, Fresh Fruits and more.

  • Activities On The Reef

    Lady Musgrave Experience offer a range of activities both in and out of the water. Enjoy Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Guided Island Walks and so much more.

    Activities On The Reef

  • Cruise Home

    Cruise home and relax after a big day out on the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Share stories about your day and ask questions about marine animals and things you saw throughout the day.

  • Arrive At Bundaberg Port

    Arrive back at Bundaberg Port Marina at about 5:00pm. Thank you for being a part of the Lady Musgrave Experience day tours to Lady Musgrave Island on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia.

    Arrive At Bundaberg Port