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Best Great Barrier Reef Tour for Backpackers starts with Lady Musgrave Experience. Australia, what a wonderful place to be a backpacker, there’s so much to see, so much to discover and have fun with friends. Top of the list to visit is the must see magical Great Barrier Reef.

For years everyone thought to see the Great Barrier Reef you had to go to Cairns or Airlie Beach, well that’s all changing with the Lady Musgrave Experience.

Today backpackers arriving or in Australia are choosing the newest, coolest destination to go – Lady Musgrave Island, Reef & Lagoon and it’s so easy to get to. If your road tripping the east coast of Australia, you drive straight into the gateway to Lady Musgrave Island.

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Just four hours north of Brisbane, you can do it in the morning or the afternoon and plan your Great Barrier Reef discovery. The great thing about the Bundaberg region is there is a lot of backpacker farm work available, so you can combine work and play.

Whether you are staying here for a while to earn some money if you are on your way through, make sure Lady Musgrave Lagoon, Island & Reef are part of your plans.

Why travel with all the crowds in Cairns, when you can almost have the lagoon, the island and the Reef all to yourself. An unmistakable discovery with you and your friends that you will rave about for years to come.

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Lady Musgrave Experience travels to the magical Southern Great Barrier Reef every day. We depart out of Bundaberg and it’s a fantastic day tour to see some of the most pristine reef in all of Australia.

Your vessel, the Reef Empress is a 35 metre catamaran with a huge sundeck on top to enjoy the sea breeze and soak up the sunrays on the way to the reef, but it’s when you get there you will be lost for words.

The turquoise blue lagoon (the Great Barrier Reef’s only navigable lagoon) as you arrive is just mesmerising, just a little taste of the massive adventure you are about to encounter! The options are endless on how you can enjoy the day – snorkelling, diving, glass bottom boats, wildlife, coral, island, turtles.

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Your safety is our absolute priority so once we’ve got you organised you will be able to explore and see the reef first hand. We can get you started straight out snorkelling our amazing coral reef or exploring our magnificent uninhabited island.

Snorkel to your heart’s content, surrounded by the resident turtles and brilliant species of coral as far as you can see. Make sure you have a great camera available because you’ll be spoilt for choice on the number of amazing photos you will take to share with all your friends overseas.

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It’s so hard to explain the real picture & story of what you’ve just discovered, it’s your personal lifelong memories that will really stick with you. 

The wildlife, the turtles, the schools of coloured tropical fish, the pristine corals, the underwater world through the glass bottom boat or exploring an uninhabited coral cay island on the Great Barrier Reef – all combine to leave you speechless.

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When you share with all of your friends overseas, no, you didn’t go to Cairns, that’s so yesterday and full of crowds – you went the coolest part of the Great Barrier Reef – Lady Musgrave Island.

This amazing day out with your friends will be what you will really remember, visualising, tasting, smelling, seeing and just experiencing everything you thought the Great Barrier Reef would be. That’s our promise when you visit Lady Musgrave Island, Reef & Lagoon with Lady Musgrave Experience – The Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

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