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Imagine this, your most extraordinary two day marine experience yet & it is so close to home! The crystal clear, pristine Great Barrier Reef Lagoon one-day and then the most amazing Whale Watching experience in Australia the next!! Two brilliant days almost for the price of one!

That’s our promise and that is what’s waiting for you with the teams at Lady Musgrave Experience & Australia Whale experience in their exclusive, yet brilliant, combination offer. Our Lady Musgrave Experience Reef & Whale Package at an amazing price of $258 per adult, $158 for children aged 4-14 – concession is available as well!

On your first day of adventure – picture the beautiful Queensland winter & spring sunshine as you travel on the 35m catamaran, the Reef Empress as you head out to the only navigable lagoon on the whole of the Great Barrier Reef, the Lady Musgrave Lagoon.

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Once you are there, get ready to be mesmerised by the brilliant blues of our magnificent lagoon, teaming with tropical fish and our resident turtles. You may even spot our growing Manta ray population, our migrating whales or playful dolphins on the way.  Immerse yourself in our amazing marine zoo whilst you snorkel the most pristine corals in the Great Barrier Reef.

Snorkel to your hearts content, swimming with turtles over magnificent coral formations. Join our fascinating guided island walks on Lady Musgrave Island.

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See the underwater world come alive on our glass bottom boat tour that has your perched directly above brilliant coral bommies and turtle cleaning stations – the reef at your fingertips without getting wet!!

Or you can just enjoy the superb hospitality from the Lady Musgrave Experience team for a day out in the sun on the magnificent Great Barrier Reef.

Have a look at our five star reviews you will see why it’s called ‘The Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef’. If you aren’t fully exhausted with the amazing sights of the Reef adventure, well you will be after the Australia Whale Experience.

Rest up overnight in Bundaberg or Bargara with one of our preferred hotel partners and we will get you refreshed and ready for your next day of amazing adventures – Whale Watching….but we will guarantee you something a little different.

When we depart Bundaberg we head straight out to sea and tap into, what we call, ‘The Humpback Highway’.  On the ‘Humpback Highway’ we see vibrant & exciting, action orientated teenagers or young adult Whales who will put on an amazing show for you!

The Australia Whale Experience has you aboard a luxury catamaran that when we get out to seas – the whales find too good to resist and we finished up surrounded by them. It’s almost as if they have an eye for luxury themselves and spend their time eyeing off the boat right before they put on a show that you will never forget.

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Just be ready for the show this is most likely the best Whale Watching Experience you will ever encounter.  Through the whole of 2019, in fact throughout our past five years we’ve had a 100% record on Whale Watching , a record we are very proud of!

We depart Bundaberg for the Great Barrier Reef or for Whale Watching – so you can arrange to fit in tour 2 package at a time that suits.

Great Barrier Reef Day Tours on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday’s

Australia Whale Experience ½ day tours on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday’s

If you have any downtime, don’t worry – we have some amazing local secrets we can share for you to enjoy and maximise your whole Bundaberg experience.

We look forward to seeing you soon on Lady Musgrave Experience & the Australia Whale Experience!!

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