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A delicious buffet lunch will be served to cater for any dietary needs with cold meats, prawns, salads, pasta, rice dishes and fresh breads. A chilled, filter water dispenser is on board and soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and additional tea or coffee can be purchased on board from the bar. Icecream, chocolates, nuts, chips are available throughout the day to satisfy any craving or a cheese board can be prepared for a gourmet experience. Or have a cheese board and complimentary beverage taken up to you in the captains lounge for the Lady Musgrave VIP experience. Our crew will take morning tea and coffee up to a designated area just for our VIP guests as you sit back in style on leather, retractable lounge chairs and have all private briefings and bathroom facilities all to yourself on the mid deck.

Discover a new world underwater as you immerse yourself in the clear, tropical water of the lagoon for a snorkel. Look at the famous Great Barrier Reef corals, starfish and turtles in their natural habitat. Swim with turtles and visit a turtle cleaning station marked in the snorkel site to witness a turtle getting cleaned by small fish in the lagoon. Be mesmerized as surgeonfish, butterflyfish, anemonefish, damselfish, parrotfish and wrasses dart in between the vivid coral as you float along the coral wall in the snorkel site.

Our staff will provide a snorkel briefing highlighting safety, equipment and some of the bright and charismatic species that can be found in the Lady Musgrave lagoon. Masks, snorkel and fins are all provided and additional floating aids such as pool noodles, snorkel vests and wetsuits are available. For any guests who wear glasses we have prescription masks available for hire behind the bar. Our crew will be on lookout for your safety and an in water guide available to assist guests with swimming aid, equipment or direction in the water.

If looking at beautiful fish isn’t enough why not become one and try diving for the first time? For anyone over twelve (12) and interested in trying diving, the sheltered lagoon is the perfect place to experience what it’s like to breathe underwater. Our introductory dive will slowly guide you through the knowledge and skills to make your first diving experience memorable, no experience or certifications required. For certified divers a single or double lagoon dive will allow divers to get close and personal with the  coral and marine life in the Lady Musgrave lagoon on a guided dive with one of our Dive Masters. Want to see larger fauna species? Why not explore the outer reefs with the chance to dive with a manta ray, reef shark or a barracuda. Spend the day on Sea Cat, our eight (8) seater dive boat exploring the outer reef of Lady Musgrave.

After our guests have explored the lagoon, island and meet some of Lady Musgraves marine life it is time to travel back to Bundaberg port. After a quick head count, afternoon tea will be served with another complimentary hot beverage and a piece of fruit cake. The journey to port is approximately two and a half hours. Enjoy the in house entertainment on the plasma screens, watch out to the horizon, chat to one of our crew or catch a nap after the full, action packed day at the Lady Musgrave Lagoon.

The Lady Musgrave Experience is an eco-certified tourism operating business with three years running of Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence. The Lady Musgrave Experience team prides themself on providing a safe, personal experience for all guests. A perfect day out for family, couples, senors or individuals looking for the best experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

Barrier Reef Day Tours Itinerary

  • Check In

    Arrive at Bundaberg Port Marina and check in at 6:50am for your day tour adventure with Lady Musgrave Experience. Get ready to experience a day on the Southern Great Barrier Reef on one of Queensland’s most luxurious vessels visiting the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

    Finding us is easy, simply Click Here to view the Google Maps page. We are well known in Bundaberg, so you won’t having any trouble finding us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Meet The Crew & Come Aboard

    Meet the crew and get ready for an awesome day out on the reef with Lady Musgrave Experience, Lady Musgrave Islands premier day tour adventures. Our crew have a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Marine Animals and more to share with you throughout the day.

    If you have any questions, our Crew are more than happy to assist you with your questions, no matter what they are.

    Simply board the vessel, REEF EMPRESS and get started on the Southern Great Barrier Reef Tour of a lifetime!

    Meet The Crew & Come Aboard

  • Cruise Away / Departure

    We commence our adventure and get on our way to a day of fun and exciting times on the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t forget to keep your eye on the water, you never know what you will see on the way out to Lady Musgrave Island.

    If you spot some of the Great 8, share the experience with others around you and let them know where to look. The Great 8 are unique to the Great Barrier Reef and seeing these amazing marine animals is truly an amazing feeling.

  • Look At The Great 8 As You Cruise

    The Great 8 are well known around the world for being exclusive to the Great Barrier Reef. See if you can spot all The Great Eight on your day out on the reef with us.

    You can learn more about The Great Eight by browsing our website. We add more info from time to time as new discoveries about these animals are found. So check back from time to time, to find out what’s happening in the lives of the Great Eight, Southern Great Barrier Reef.

    Look At The Great 8 As You Cruise

  • Be a Marine Biologist For The Day!

    Learn how to record reef health observations, the abundance of iconic reef creatures, and the important roles they play as part of this mesmerising and resilient World Heritage listed marine protected area.

    Your participation will support conservation of the reef and contributing valuable information to the management of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Learn how to collect data using the Eye on the Reef and CoralWatch citizen science methods.

    Learn More >>

  • Morning Tea

    Enjoy a scrumptious morning tea aboard Lady Musgrave Experience with a selection of Fresh Fruit, Baked Items with Tea and Coffee while enjoying the surrounding beauty of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

    What else could be better than enjoying morning tea cruising out to the great barrier reef for a day of fun!

    Morning Tea

  • Lunch On The Reef

    Enjoy a relaxing and tasty lunch on the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Soak up the sun with a Fresh buffet including Salad’s Seafood, Cold Meats, Fresh Fruits and more.

  • Activities On The Reef

    Lady Musgrave Experience offer a range of activities both in and out of the water. Enjoy Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Guided Island Walks and so much more.

    Activities On The Reef

  • Cruise Home

    Cruise home and relax after a big day out on the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Share stories about your day and ask questions about marine animals and things you saw throughout the day.

  • Arrive At Bundaberg Port

    Arrive back at Bundaberg Port Marina at about 5:00pm. Thank you for being a part of the Lady Musgrave Experience day tours to Lady Musgrave Island on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia.

    Arrive At Bundaberg Port

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Customer Testimonials

Bowbow Lin
Bowbow Lin
It was fun!!! Nice and clean boat, delicious lunch, friendly and professional staffs, saw a few turtles , But unfortunately experience scuba dive tour fulled booked , need to mention earlier once you got on the boat.
Riccardo DRABSCH
Riccardo DRABSCH
Had a great day with Madi, Lea and Ash, we will be back to do this again
Nicholas Newsome
Nicholas Newsome
Amazing tour and experience. Staff were helpful and very knowledgeable. Reef was absolutely amazing and would recommend this experience for anyone.
Selena Rollason
Selena Rollason
Loved our day on the reef. Lots of turtles and fish!
Lynette Cartwright
Lynette Cartwright
Had a great day. Perfect weather and very informative walk around the island. Best snorkling i have done in a l long time.
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones
Very well organised tour, snorkelling and lunch. Thoroughly recommend motion sickness pills before trip.
Top tips - the departure point and parking is 100m past where google takes you. Marina toilets are closed before departure but the ship facilities are better than a plane. On the way out sit in the back right, back left when returning, as it is smoother and shadier. Overall had a great day, can recommend.
Denice Rainbow
Denice Rainbow
Highly recommended, from our first enquiry the staff could not have been more helpful. Our whole experience has been amazing. Take the motion sickness tabs as directed. Experience has been well worth the price. Thanks team
Ken Scott
Ken Scott
Liz Hitchcock
Liz Hitchcock
The best experience ever. Will reccomend it to everyone I know. I would go again tomorrow if I could!! Great crew . Great boat.

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