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Great Barrier Reef

Lady Musgrave Island is the second southernmost island in the Great Barrier Reef with only Lady Elliot Island more southern. We believe the southern section is the most pristine and beautiful. Don’t take our word for it though, come and see for yourself!

No. The Great Barrier Reef is a large, diverse ecosystem full of corals and marine life. Our site is no exception to this and our crew will be happy to educate and inform you on everything Great Barrier Reef and coral health!

It is not common for corals to bleach in our snorkel area. Bleaching is a coral’s response to any kind of stress. Just as humans can get sick, so can individual corals. We will take you to the best possible location with lots of pristine, healthy coral on the day of your tour. Our staff are dedicated to answering any of your questions and informing you on the current state of the Great Barrier Reef.


Lady Musgrave Island is the most southern and ONLY island destination of the Bunker Group able to visit on the Great Barrier Reef.  It is the closest access point from Brisbane to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, departing from Bundaberg for any day tour by vessel. Due to its remote location is also one of the more inaccessible areas of the Great Barrier Reef adding to the secluded beauty.

This unique coral island hosts a navigable Lagoon which provides the ultimate snorkelling and diving experience, but also provides the ultimate anchorage meaning that you are guaranteed calm waters all day within the lagoon itself.

Not only do you get to experience the reef and lagoon, you also get to visit the pristine island.

Lady Musgrave Island is the second southernmost island in the Great Barrier Reef with only Lady Elliot Island more southern. We believe the southern section is the most pristine and beautiful. Don’t take our word for it though, come and see for yourself!

The trip to Lady Musgrave Island is approximately 2 hours 15 from the time we depart Bundaberg and reach the Island.

The Great Barrier Reef is a large marine park and ecosystem spanning 2,300km along the east coast of Queensland, Australia. Cairns is not the only place to visit the Great Barrier Reef. Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort and Lady Musgrave Experience are two of the southernmost islands. We believe the southern section is the most pristine and beautiful. Don’t take our word for it though, come and see for yourself!

Certainly not! The reef is a large, diverse ecosystem covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometres. Every part of the reef will be different to another, however you certainly will not miss anything by deciding to come to the southern great barrier reef rather than Cairns. Although we are biased, we believe ours is the best experience on the whole Great Barrier Reef. If you have the possibility, we recommend visiting many different locations on the Great Barrier Reef and you can see for yourself! Our crew can give you lots of recommendations for the best locations and operators.


We offer a range of booking options. You can make a booking online 24/7 via our easy to use booking manager system, or call us on to learn more and book now. Please read our Terms & Conditions prior to making a booking.

Yes, pending availability. Please contact customer service.

If you would like to make a booking cancellation, please contact our customer service team and we will guide you through the process and handle your inquiry.

Yes. Surcharges apply to all purchases made by card.

We pride ourselves on providing a truly educational and inspiring experience, and our tour is perfect for school groups. Depending on the group size, we may offer a discount. Please contact our bookings team with your enquiry for more details.

All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst on board. Our day tour does not offer any babysitting services, however the day can be organised and adapted to suit families with children, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their day! Chat to our crew about your options and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

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Yes, our local shuttle service is able to transfer you to & from local areas of Bundaberg.  Please contact our customer service team on +617 4151 5225 or via email bookings@ladymusgraveexperience.com.au to discuss pricing & availability.

Yes, free parking is available in our designated car-park.  Please park in our free car parking, which is located behind a large sign – “The Home of Lady Musgrave Experience” in a gravel car park.  Please do not park in the Marina car park, as this is a shared car-park with other businesses.  We do have street signage to direct you to our car-parking area.

The trip to Lady Musgrave Island is approximately 2 hours 15 from the time we depart Bundaberg and reach the Island.


You must be over 12 years of age, pass the required medical questionnaire and participate in the 30 minute dive introduction.

Yes, we have a large range of snorkel vests and pool noodles for flotation. Our Inwater snorkel guides are only too happy to help for any assistance and instruction.

Yes, We sell Reef Safe Sunscreen 50 plus, along with caps and towels.

As travel to Lady Musgrave Island is an open ocean passage, we strongly recommend that all passengers take sea-sickness medication as a precaution.  Suggestions to help with sea-sickness, is to take a sea-sickness tablet the night prior to travel, stay well hydrated, avoid alcohol & take another sea-sickness tablet the morning of your tour date.  We do also have sea-sickness tablets for sale on board.

You may be lucky enough to see some small reef sharks in their natural habitat during your experience on the Great Barrier Reef. As we operate within a marine park protected green no-take zone and fishing is prohibited, this means that the sharks have plenty to eat and do not pose a threat to humans. Sharks, however, are wild animals and it is important that we respect this. The calmer you swim, the more calm and peaceful all of the marine life will also behave. Many marine creatures have defense strategies if they feel threatened, so we encourage guests not to touch or chase sharks. It is also important to be aware that throwing any waste overboard is prohibited – even if it is organic. We certainly don’t want sharks to start learning that things falling from the side of a boat is food! Leave them alone and they will leave you alone too! Please help us to minimise our impact on shark behaviour as much as possible. Watch this short video to learn how you can Be Reef Smart.

In an open ocean environment, we cannot guarantee there will be no jellyfish, however we have never had any harmful stingers, and do not experience a “stinger season” (as is the case further north). The sheltered lagoon prevents large jellyfish blooms in the snorkel area. For guest comfort, wetsuits are available for hire.

Most sunscreens contain harmful chemicals to coral reefs and their associated animals. We recommend our guests be sun smart by using alternatives such as natural zincs, seeking shade in the hottest parts of the day and wearing sun protection factor clothing both in and out of the water.


Lady Musgrave Experience, Lady Musgrave HQ and Australia Whale Experience are committed to consulting people with disability, their families, carers and disability organisations to ensure barriers to access and inclusion are addressed appropriately. We have developed strategies to progressively improve access and inclusions. All staff are inducted and advised according to our strategic accessibility plan. Lady Musgrave Island is accessible via all terrain wheelchairs. Our team are currently looking at adaption strategies to increase wheelchair accessibility and are consulting with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services in regards to having portable wheelchair accessibility matting available on Lady Musgrave Island.

Our vessel is wheelchair accessible and our friendly crew are always available and willing to offer assistance where required. There is disable bathroom facilities onboard both Reef Empress and Lady Musgrave HQ Pontoon. Our glass bottom boat can accommodate wheelchairs as well as our main vessel. Guided Island tours are possible for those with suitable all terrain wheelchairs for travel on sandy surfaces. Plans are in place to increase this accessibility utilizing portable beach matting.

Cleaning Procedures

Everyday! Throughout the day our crew perform regular checks around the vessel to maintain the cleanliness of Reef Empress. At the end of every day the crew adhere to a strict cleaning schedule inside and out of vesseling using commercial grade disinfectant. Everything from the floors, windows, rails and roof is thoroughly cleaned.

Terms & Conditions

Lady Musgrave Experience is committed to keeping your details private. We do not pass on any of your personal details with anyone else. The only exception to this is in the event of an emergency when your details may be passed onto the relevant Australian government bodies where necessary.

We use the information collected to identify your booking and to contact you in the event of cruise cancellations or rescheduling. Your contact details may also be used for some direct marketing unless you choose not to receive this information.

Online booking Credit Card details are taken via the Rezdy secure online payment system and are not stored by Lady Musgrave Experience. Please see https://www.rezdy.com/privacy-policy/ for more information.

If you have any questions relating to your privacy please do not hesitate to contact us info@ladymusgraveexperience.com.au

All tours are subject to weather and minimum numbers and maybe changed without notice due to conditions on the day and will incur no liability for any such cancellation or alteration. Lady Musgrave Experience reserves the right to substitute vessels if necessary.

Customer Choosing to Cancel for any reason – 20% cancellation fee if cancelled from date of booking to 60 hours prior to tour date.

Cancellation 48-60 hours prior to tour date 50% cancellation fee will apply.

Less than 48 hours or failure to board 100% of fare is withheld.

Other conditions may apply to Group booking cancellations.

Should a tour be cancelled by Lady Musgrave Experience, passengers will be offered an alternative date or a full refund **

We do recommend you look into taking out travel insurance as they may assist in covering your accommodation cost if tours are cancelled.

Adventure Outer Reef dive vessel is subject to minimum numbers. If minimum numbers aren’t reached, you will be contacted to discuss options, one of which would be to revert to a certified Lagoon Dive.

** Refunds will be processed same day as request & depending on your bank, can take between 3-10 business days for refund to be received into your account.  Lady Musgrave Experience will send through confirmation of refund at time of processing.

Lady Musgrave Experience holds no responsibility for loss or damage to goods.

Lady Musgrave Experience reserves the right to substitute vessels and/or skippers and crew and shall not be liable for death/injury to any persons or loss or damage to property due to persons’ negligence.