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Great Barrier Reef Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Glass Bottom Boat

Glass Bottom Boat Great Barrier Reef

Great Blue, the Lady Musgrave Experience Glass Bottom Boat allows guests to have a full reef experience without getting wet. Explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef on a guided Glass Bottom Boat tour in the pristine, turquoise waters of the Lady Musgrave lagoon.

Witness the famous Great Barrier Reef corals, hundreds of tropical excotic fish, turtles and an abundance of local marine life that greets you from the comfort of our fully shaded jet driven Glass Bottom Boat.

Be engaged and entertained as our Glass Boat Boat Skipper provides live commentary on the rich, diverse marine life passing underneath Great Blue. Learn what coral is, why it is important, the different formations and types from our passionate, knowledgeable crew.

Kids can try to ‘find Nemo’ hiding amongst the anemones and colourful corals while our Glass Bottom Boat Skipper will describe the unique, symbiotic relationships that exist in the lagoon. You might even get to meet Lady Musgrave Experience crews’ favourite residential clownfish couple, Margaret and Brian swimming around their anemone.

Glass Bottom Boat with Lady Musgrave Experience

Great Barrier Reef Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Learn more about what you might see.

Watch as hundreds of tropical fish pass under the clear center panel of Great Blue. Colour parrotfish can be seen munching on coral, bright yellow butterfly fish dancing with each other or a school of blue to green chromis shimmer in the sunlight. Travel over untouched parts of the reef outside the snorkel area as you search for the rich, velvet blue of a blue linckia starfish amongst the hard and soft corals. Try to spy a giant clam in between the reef and the hypnotic blue, purple, yellow, orange and green colours of the flesh tucked away in the safety of the clam’s mantle.

Be mesmerized as green and hawksbill turtles swim under the panel or come up for a breath of air next to the glass bottom boat. Our Glass Bottom Boat Skipper will take guests to a turtle cleaning station where you can watch and learn how turtles maintain such a clean carapace (turtle shell) in the Lady Musgrave lagoon.

As you approach the island for your guided island tour look down and see starfish and sea cucumbers as they play an important role in the lagoon as vacuum cleaners filter the bottom of the lagoon floor. Try find the iridescent blue dots that belong to the Blue spotted lagoon ray who are notorious for bathing in the warm, sheltered water edge around the island.

The Glass Bottom Boat tour is an experience suited for families, groups, partners and individuals.There is something for everyone to see as our staff share their stories, facts and passion for the reef.

FAQ’s – Glass Bottom Boat

The day is segmented into snorkelling and island activities including the island tour and glass bottom boat tour. Any guests not wanting to join the island activities are able to snorkel all day.