Great Barrier Reef – Facts And Figures

The Great Barrier Reef and surrounding marine parks are some of the most pristine environments in the world that provides an eco system of life that is not fully understood, and needs to be conserved for future generations to enjoy and for us to be able to learn more about the eco system.

What we do know, is that it is extremely important, to more than just the animals that live there.

It is used by mother nature as breeding grounds for a range of marine animals, and helps provide nutrients to locations all around the world for a variety of reasons.

Take a moment to read more below and find out how you can do your part to help conserve and protect this amazing feature that is currently under threat due to the human impact created via toxic waste and abuse.

Reef Facts Brochure

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FACT 1 : Queensland Coast

The Great Barrier Reef spans two thirds of the North Eastern coastline of Australia – flanking Queensland’s coast, it extends from the waters of the Torres Strait, off the state’s northern tip, Cape York, south to just off the coast of Bundaberg (370km from Brisbane)

FACT 2: Biodiversity

The reef’s World Heritage recognises its outstanding biodiversity – from microscopic plankton to whales weighing more than 100 ton.

FACT 3: Worlds Largest

It is the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem encompassing shallow estuarine areas to deep oceanic waters and includes deep water features of the adjoining continental shelf including canyons, channels, plateaus and slopes

FACT 4: Huge Size

It is 2,300kms long and approximately 350, 000 kms2 in size. That’s about 70 million football fields or the size of Japan or Italy

FACT 5: Seen from Space

It is the longest reef in the world and its impressive size makes it the only living structure that can be seen from outer space

FACT 6: World Heritage

The Great Barrier Reef is recognised internationally as one of the world’s greatest natural wonders

FACT 7: 10% of World Reef

It represents approximately 10% of all coral reefs in the world

FACT 8: 1050 Islands

It includes about 1,050 islands ranging from small coral cays to large continental islands

FACT 9: 2900 Reefs

It includes more than 2,900 separate coral reefs and 411 hard corals and 150 soft coral and pens

FACT 10: 1.5cm a Year

Hard coral grows up to 1.5cm per year and is the backbone of the reef, growing and constantly adapting to the environment around it.

FACT 11: 7% Visited

Around 80% of all tourism activity occurs within only 7% of the Great Barrier Reef region

FACT 12: Living Thing

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest living thing visited by around two million people every year