Great Barrier Reef From Country Queensland

We know the past few years have been tough in the bush and you need a break from time to time – let us show you a fantastic option The Best Experience on The Great Barrier Reef. An inexpensive holiday for you and the family to forget the hard times you have been going through.

You don’t need to travel miles or take an expensive flight to Cairns in the North of Queensland or fly to any of the regional islands – take a short drive to Bundaberg and we can have you enjoying the Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef in no time.

It has been dry and dusty and until recent rains we didn’t know what green looks like, well we can show you all the shades of blues and greens in the world as far as the eye can see on the Lady Musgrave Experience. Just a short drive from home and we can create a holiday you will never forget.

Lagoon Lady Musgrave Experience Great Barrier Reef tours

Spend the day on the Great Barrier Reef with the Reef Empress and you will see the most pristine corals and colourful marine life, creating the most amazing memories of a lifetime. It’s a great chance to reward the hard times the family has been working through.

Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, Scuba diving the reef or enjoying the dry confines of the glass bottom boat, we will introduce you to a world that you never knew existed.

Glide along with your new found friends our resident turtles as you hover above our pristine  coral walls in the Lady Musgrave Lagoon.

clown fish great barrier reef Queensland Australia

Here at Lady Musgrave Island & Lagoon,  the Great Barrier Reef is in superb health & shape. As the 2nd southernmost Island on the Great Barrier Reef,  second only to Lady Elliot Island, we have largely escaped the coral bleaching events you have been reading in the press. We can show you the full range of coral and reef experiences.

The coral formations, the marine life interactions and the beauty of the lady Musgrave Island and surrounding lagoon all need to be seen to be believed.

They are a world away from the harshness of the bush in the past few years. As we bring to life the unrivalled beauty of the turquoise lagoon, the plentiful marine life and the amazing Lady Musgrave Island guided tour, you will conveniently forget the past issues and focus on the bright future.

Snorkelling 60 Lady Musgrave Experience Great Barrier Reef

Our naturally managed coral cay based forests provide for plentiful birdlife and with the gentle waves lapping the ocean lagoon as you walk the coral cays you continue to get that sense of discovering a secluded island location that no one has visited before.

Back on the glass bottom boat you follow the natural pathway of the turtles and more healthy coral bommies and join the Reef Empress for a sumptuous lunch on board the boat.

The next toughest decision is which snorkelling direction to go for the afternoon. We will always help find a solution and help you discover a whole new wall of coral and marine life, you really are spoilt for choice on the Lady Musgrave Experience.

Reef Empress Boat Tours Lady Musgrave Experience Great Barrier Reef

As well as discovering the Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef – just a short drive from home why not combine it with some amazing options we have here right next door to the Lady Musgrave Experience.

Combine your Great Barrier Reef visit with the award winning Bundaberg rum distillery, The internationally acclaimed Mon Repos Turtle Centre, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks – Australia’s fastest growing soft drink range and a host of leading hotel accommodation providers within the region to give you the best experience possible.

Let us at Lady Musgrave Experience, create a life time memory for you as you discover the Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef – we look forward to talking to you soon.