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Living on the Gold Coast or you find yourself holidaying there and you’re seeking the next great holiday destination – why not discover The Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

It’s so close to you, it’s not even funny. There’s no need to fork out for expensive airline tickets to Cairns or some tourist island on the Great Barrier Reef – you’re are only a leisurely five hour drive from the Gold Coast from reef paradise and being able to join TheBest Experience on the Great Barrier Reef Lady Musgrave Experience.

One of, if not the highest rated Great Barrier Reef Experience in Queensland and you are just a short trip away from the Gold Coast, make Lady Musgrave Experience, your next Queensland holiday.

Lady Musgrave Experience prides itself on the full guest experience. With us you’re not another tourist on a big boat, you’re not another tourist staying at a resort, you’re not another person filling capacity on an aeroplane, we will give you an absolutely unparalleled Great Barrier Reef Guest Experience.

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Be our guest and join us on the Reef Empress, a beautifully appointed 35 metre catamaran luxuriously taking you to the Lady Musgrave Lagoon the only navigable lagoon on the Great Barrier Reef. Lady Musgrave Island the 2nd southernmost island on the Great Barrier Reef is located 22 nautical miles to the north of Lady Elliot Island.

You’re at the Gold Coast chasing the gold and wonders of Queensland, well out at the Lady Musgrave Island and Lagoon you will be completely mesmerised with the different blues, the turquoises, the greens, the colours will literally just blow you away.  A full colour range to explode the senses before you even immerse yourself in The Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef.  

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Picture the joy of snorkelling over some of the most pristine corals on the Great Barrier Reef with so many species and so many colours to discover.

Find yourself making friends with our resident turtles in the lagoon, they just love a swimming partner like yourself to glide along together.

Float alongside the thousands of fish species we have in the Lady Musgrave Lagoon all of this is just a five hour drive from the Gold Coast. The perfect family getaway or paet of your extended Queensland holiday.

Want to discover the Great Barrier Reef like never before, then no problem we have a host of extraordinary qualified dive experts just waiting to show you the best the reef has to offer in our underworld playground.

From novice divers to highly experienced divers it doesn’t matter we can show you the Best Diving Experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

Mandarin Fish Southern Great Barrier Reef - Exotic Reef Fish

Maybe you want to see the Great Barrier Reef but are not sure snorkelling or diving is for you.  That’s absolutely fine if you don’t want to get wet, we will be able to show you the best the reef has on offer in our brilliant glass bottom boats.

Our glass bottom boat gives you a first-hand Great Barrier Reef experience as you float over the majestic coral bommies and turtle cleaning stations – let our underwater world come to life right in front of your eyes.

You will be amazed at what you see on the Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef without even getting wet!  

Lady Musgrave Experience is fully eco-certified and we take the environmental world we live in very seriously.  We particularly enjoy showcasing the pristine beauty of everything on the Great Barrier Reef, our extraordinary coral species, our colourful tropical fish and our abundant marine life all in their natural unspoilt habitat.

Our guided tours on Lady Musgrave Island our very own coral cay is teeming with flora and fauna from rare bird species to turtle hatchlings to hermit crabs all at your fingertips on beautiful little unspoilt island.

Group Lady Musgrave Island Guided Walk - Great Barrier Reef

Just five hours drive from the Gold Coast and Lady Musgrave Experience can show you the most complete Best Eco-Friendly Experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

Diving, snorkelling, day tour experiences all within reach just up the road from the Gold Coast. Combine The Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef with a host of brilliant local options we have here in the expanding Bundaberg region.

We can partner you up with the amazing Bundaberg Rum Distillery experiences.

The extremely informative Mon Repos Turtle Centre open 12 months of the year.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks – learn how Australia’s fastest growing range of soft drinks are made.

The Hinkler Hall of Aviation, see how Bert Hinkler a Bundaberg aviation pioneer overcame adversity to achieve world notoriety.

The Taste Bundaberg festival provides so many delectable options – combine your visit with an amazing Great Barrier Reef Experience.

Join us at the Lady Musgrave Experience the Best Experience on The Great Barrier Reef – the perfect holiday from the Gold Coast. Make it a great a holiday on it’s own or as part of an extended Queensland trip where you can stay and enjoy many of the amazing experiences.

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How To Get Here

Travel to Bundaberg

A 45 minute flight or 4 hour drive from Brisbane.

Length of stay

Lady Musgrave Experience departs from Bundaberg Port Marina at 7am and arrives back at the marina at 5pm daily.
We recommend staying in Bundaberg accommodation the night before for early departure the next morning.

Accommodation options

Located 10kms from our departure point is Bargara – with an array of beaches, cafes and accommodation options.