Guided Island Walks

Guided Island Walks Great Barrier Reef

If you’ve ever watched a David Attenborough documentary and just wished you could be there, Lady Musgrave Island could be your opportunity to make that wish become a reality. This pristine coral cay is one of a kind on the Great Barrier Reef. It is uninhabited and surrounded by 7,000 acres of reef and turquoise crystal clear lagoon waters, taming with marine life such as turtles, rays, sharks, colourful fish and healthy coral. Lap up the sun’s rays as you enjoy the serenity of this isolated slice of paradise on the Great Barrier Reef.

As you step onto the island, you’ll be welcomed by your guide, who’ll share some of the important points about visiting this highly protected marine park area, as well as some history and acknowledgement of our traditional owner tribes.

You’ll immediately see it is not like your typical beach – this island is made up entirely of oceanic sediments; that is, broken down coral pieces. As the coral clinkers underfoot, you’ll be awed by birds flying overhead. This is a protected marine park and an important refuge for a variety of sea birds and turtles, among other animals. It’s a perfect place if you’re a bird lover – There are over 22 species of birds who migrate to and from the island each year and birdwatchers come from all over the world to tick a few more species off their list.

The height of the bird season is from October to April, however it is possible to spot some species all year round. Whether you’re looking for birds or other reef animals, you never know what you’ll see or when you’ll see it, so be sure to keep an eye out in every direction for a surprising reef treasure.

Guided Island Walking Tour included in the Lady Musgrave Island full day tour experience

Guided Island Walks with Lady Musgrave Experience

Great Barrier Reef Guided Island Walks

Learn more about what you might see.

Your guide will lead you on a 40 minute guided walk around this special place, bringing the island to life with narrations and stories you never could have imagined to be true! You’ll discover an old growth Pisonia grandis forest. Similar to a rainforest tree with large root systems and a dense canopy, these trees provide a beautifully cool and shaded environment to leisurely walk through and spot the abundant wildlife. An important nesting habitat for sea birds, these trees are quite unique and your guide will be sure to share their survival story with you.

Walking through an area which is under some of the highest protection possible on the whole Great Barrier Reef, you will experience nature in its truest and purest form possible. There is very little human interference with this intricately beautiful ecosystem, and we are lucky and honoured to share it with you, our guests.

As we walk along the beach, it is possible to see turtles, rays, sharks, shoals of fish, and we may even come across our resident pair of nesting White Bellied Sea Eagles. During turtle nesting season, you’ll witness and learn about the different style of turtle tracks and which species they belong to, while during the hatchling season, you may get incredibly lucky and see some baby turtles making a run for the water. Of course when it comes to seeing wild animals, we can never make any promises but we do do our best to work with nature and give you the best experience possible.

You will see and hear about the camping area on the island. If one day at the island seems like it won’t be enough for you, Lady Musgrave Experience can organise a camping transfer for you, and as it is a national park, you can obtain a camping permit for the duration of your stay from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.