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Kids Absolutely Love Our Great Barrier Reef Experience

Lady Musgrave is an experience for the whole family. It’s easy to trust that you’ll have the best experience on the Great Barrier Reef, because our crew are dedicated to catering for all of your needs.

We love kids of all ages, from the littlest tikes to the adult kids who don’t want to ever grow up!  The crew are attentive and will ensure that we do everything we can to adapt every element of the experience to your needs.

If you have very young children, don’t let it stop you visiting the Great Barrier Reef! Your day will be organised such that there’s time for everyone to have a great time, even if you need to juggle babies or toddlers.

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Our crew will do our best to ensure you get the most out of your day. We always have a snorkel guide in the water who can help you ensure your kids are safe and well looked after. There are plenty of snorkelling vests and buoyancy aids for everyone, including small children.

We love taking guests of any age snorkelling, even if it’s for the first time. In-water crew are highly qualified and enthusiastic and want nothing less than to ensure your safety and enjoyment in every circumstance.

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Most importantly we are here and we’re ready to show you an amazing part of the world the Great Barrier Reef and it’s so close that you just don’t need to travel far to see it. Departing Bundaberg every day we are heading out to the Lady Musgrave Island, Reef and Lagoon to show you the most pristine part of the Great Barrier Reef.

We are known as the Best Experience on the Great Barrier Reef and you’ll see why. Snorkelling, scuba-diving, swimming with turtles, guided island walks, glass bottom boat tours or just our very friendly staff who have been missing you as well!!

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The island walks and glass bottom boat tour is accessible, easy and comfortable to do with children, and we love getting the kids involved during the tour by creating opportunities for adventure, to take a closer look and explore textures, sights and sounds as we walk through the pristine coral cay that is Lady Musgrave Island.

For those a little older and more capable, give your children an immersive educational experience by participating in our Marine Biologist for a Day program. Kids Absolutely Love Our Great Barrier Reef Experience. While you can still spend the day together as a family, your child will feel like a VIP as all of our staff go to extra lengths to ensure their learning and immersion experience is like nothing else!

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The experience includes a 30-minute interactive and guided snorkel tour where your children will practise identification of reef animals and collect important data to be submitted to the Marine Park Management Authority. We invite you to sign up with one of our family pass add-ons and experience this with your kids, as we adapt the experience to any audience. There is no age limit.

Our calm sheltered lagoon is like a massive natural swimming pool, with crystal clear waters. The average depth is tide dependent, but is usually between six to eight metres, and you can see all the way to the sandy bottom as you snorkel along the edge of the pristine coral reef. With your kids, you can discover all of the corals, marine animals, including our resident marine turtles.

For those over the age of 12, we encourage you to try scuba diving for the first time. It is an incredible experience and our qualified staff will make you feel confident and comfortable breathing underwater – an experience you’ll never forget!