Marine Biologist For A Day

Love fish, turtles and corals? Want to learn more about the Great Barrier Reef?

If you’ve always wanted to be a Marine Biologist, or have a younger one with a burning aspiration, then step aboard the Lady Musgrave Experience and become a citizen scientist for the day! Be greeted by a Marine Biologist, who will share everything you need to know about all the beautiful creatures you’ll discover, why they are important and why your role is important in their protection.

Suitable for all ages, you will be enthused and educated on key reef species and their importance. On arrival at the lagoon, you’ll visit the island and have a sneak peek of the reef ecosystem before jumping in the water for a private, guided 30min session in water session. The valuable data collected is submitted via apps to an online database used by experts such as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to make management decisions. Not only is the experience a great deal of fun, it’s also highly memorable and meaningful. You’ll leave the reef with a wealth of knowledge and memories to cherish and share.

We work closely with our local indigenous groups, who have cared for the land and sea country for tens of thousands of years. Their connections are a big reason why we can enjoy and experience this gorgeous marine ecosystem and we look forward to having you become a part of our community dedicated to ensuring the reef stays healthy both now and into the future.

$55 per person as an additional add on to the day tour

Mum and Dad took me to the great barrier reef on the weekend and I got to do the Marine Biologist For The Day. I had heaps of fun and learned a lot and I got to share all the things I learned about the reef with my friends at school.

When I went to Lady Musgrave Island I got to see all of the sea creatures that lived there. I even got to be a Marine Biologist For The Day and help save animals on the Great Barrier Reef.