Mon Repos, Turtle Hatching Season

You can not complete a tour to Bundaberg without visiting Mon Repos and its beaches during the turtle hatching season. If you do not have this activity on your things-to-do list for the next tour to Bundaberg, make sure you add it right now! Mon Repos Turtle Centre  offers tours to all forms of travelers to experience this unique sight. Between November to March every year, the marine turtle’s nest and hatch on Mon Repos’ beaches.

What Happens?

You can experience the turtle’s breeding process on the Southern Great Barrier Reef. This place is open to visitors, and proper visits are arranged for the experience. When in Bundaberg, you can swim on these beaches while having a ranger-guided tour on the area’s east coast. Lady Musgrave Island, Lady Elliot Island, and Mon Repos Beach are the main locations for the mother turtles to haul during November and March every year. The eggs are laid on the sandy dunes. Then, the hatchlings emerge from these dunes and the nests inside them.

How can you experience the process?

The Mon Repos Conservation Park and center allow tourists worldwide to experience this unique process under their guided facility in Bundaberg. You need to book a visit to the Turtle center, and most of the time, they book out very fast. Thus, it would help if you were fast to get your spot. Don’t worry; Lady Musgrave Experience is your friend in this process. We ensure that all our tours to Bundaberg are booked in time for our tourists to enjoy this memorable experience with their families.

You can reach the place using both bicycles that are common driven in the area along the coastline. Otherwise, you can opt for the more conventional vehicles in the form of a car. The center offers wheelchair access to people who need them. Thus, you can bring your elderly with you to enjoy the experience.

The Timing and Features

The Mon Repos Center has certain timing during the turtle hatching season. When in Bundaberg, you need to visit between 9 am to 12 pm on any day of the week. On weekends, the time beings from 7 pm till late at night.

Additionally, you can apply to book visiting the Hatchling Hall, which has a great gift shop for your family as well. Otherwise, you can choose to visit the Turtle Tales as well. This place offers you theatrette areas and interpretive displays. Thus, along with an excellent time with your family, the tours can be very informative, and you will leave Bundaberg learning a lot about the turtle hatching process.


You must book the tickets in your name to visit Mon Repos Turtle Centre during the turtle hatching season.