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Nature’s Calendar

All year round, Lady Musgrave Island and Lagoon is a nature lover’s paradise beaming with a vast array of wildlife and marine life above and below the surface. There’s something for everyone to see and do no matter what time of the year you visit. Take a look at our nature’s calendar below for an overview of what you can expect to see on the Great Barrier Reef for your next trip!

Natures Calendar January - Turtle Hatching Bundaberg


An exciting start to the year with new life being welcomed. Mother turtles continue to nest as well as thousands of baby turtles hatching on Lady Musgrave Island. This is an amazing sight to see and a bucket-list thing to do. As turtles generally nest at sunset and hatch at sunset or sunrise, turtle tours are only available for Lady Musgrave HQ accommodation guests. January is also peak-breeding season for Reef Herons on the island.

Average Rainfall196mm
Average TemperatureMin 26.5cMax 30.5c
Average Water TemperatureMin 23.6c Max 29.5c

Turtles 78 Lady Musgrave Experience Great Barrier Reef


Turtle hatchlings continue to swarm the shores of Lady Musgrave Island so February is a great month to book your overnight sleep on the reef experience on Lady Musgrave HQ to witness this natural wonder on a sunset turtle tour. Island bird life remains active with shearwater chicks hatching.

Average Rainfall136mm
Average TemperatureMin 26.5cMax 29.5c
Average Water TemperatureMin 23.6c Max 28.5c
Natures Calendar March - Turtle Breading Season Bundaberg


The best months to catch turtles hatching is not quite over yet. Lady Musgrave HQ guests can join our turtle tours as an optional activity at sunset to watch hatchlings erupt and make their way to the reef. Birds still nesting on Lady Musgrave Island, including the Buff-banded Rail and the Black Noddy Tern.

Average Rainfall155.9mm
Average TemperatureMin 23.3c Max 29c
Average Water TemperatureMin 25.6c Max 28c
natures calendar lady musgrave island april events


Most of the Noddy Terns depart the island.  Young Wedgetailed Shearwater birds (Puffinus Pacificus) leave their burrows.  Adult Shearwater leave the island.

Average Rainfall79.0mm
Average TemperatureMin 21.6cMax 27.3c
Average Water TemperatureMin 23.0cMax 26c
Natures Calendar May - Family Of Manta-Ray


We’re coming into peak manta ray season from May to August! Join us for an Adventure Outer Reef Double Dive and experience a more diverse underwater world teeming with larger pelagics and a vast array of marine life. Young Wedgetailed Shearwaters can be seen flying on Lady Musgrave Island.

Average Rainfall135.8mm
Average TemperatureMin 19.4cMax 24.4c
Average Water TemperatureMin 19.5cMax 23.0c
Natures Calendar June - Mandarin Fish, Great Barrier Reef


Swim with turtles and learn more about the different coral species in the lagoon and become a Marine Bio for a Day, or try and spot the elusive mandarinfish! If you don’t want to get in the water you don’t have to, experience the marine life from our glass bottom boat on our Day Tour. Lady Musgrave HQ accommodation guests can join an afternoon snorkel safari to swim with manta rays on the outer reef of the lagoon and learn more about the diverse marine life.

Average Rainfall145mm
Average TemperatureMin 16.9cMax 21.0c
Average Water TemperatureMin 19.0cMax 22.0c
Natures Calendar July - Whale Watching Bundaberg, Queensland


Humpback whale migration begins and can be spotted on the Southern Great Barrier Reef on our whale watching tours from July to October. Humpback whales are creatures that undertake one of the longest migrations in the animal kingdom, all the way from Antarctica to the tropics. The Great Barrier Reef is right on their migration route and is a popular stopping and resting point for these incredible creatures.

Average Rainfall90.5mm
Average TemperatureMin 16.2c Max 21.0c
Average Water TemperatureMin 18.0cMax 23.0c
Natures Calendar August - Manta-ray Season Queensland


Make the most of this month with so much wildlife happening. Manta rays can be spotted on an Adventure Outer Reef Dive, swim with turtles and abundant coral species in the lagoon, or get up close and personal with the amazing humpback whales on a Whale Watching Tour. Make the most of your Great Barrier Reef adventure with a 2 Day Reef + Whale Package.

Average Rainfall45.7mm
Average TemperatureMin 16.6cMax 22.3c
Average Water TemperatureMin 20.0cMax 23.0c
Natures Calendar September - Whale Watching Season


It’s the beginning of spring and the weather is starting to warm up. Humpback whales remain active and sighted along the Humpback Highway on our Whale Watching Tours.  Black Noddy Terns are now returning to the island and will commence nesting.

Average Rainfall29.2mm
Average TemperatureMin 17.8cMax 21.2c
Average Water TemperatureMin 20.0c Max 24.0c
Natures Calendar October - Great Barrier Reef Tour Guide


Whales will now begin to head back to the Antarctic with their calves so this is your last chance to catch humpback whales up close for the season. Black Noddies, Wedgetailed Shearwaters and Resident Silver Eyes will be on Lady Musgrave island to nest.

Average Rainfall43.5mm
Average TemperatureMin 19.7cMax 26.4c
Average Water TemperatureMin 19.0c Max 26.0c
Natures Calendar November - Turtle Swimming Over Coral Bommie


Every year between November to January, hundreds of mother turtles make their way up to the shores of Lady Musgrave Island to nest. Our turtle haven is home to resident Green, Loggerhead and even the endangered Hawskbill turtles. Book your sleep on the reef experience to catch mother’s laying their eggs on the island on our turtle tours. Coral Spawning may occur where corals simultaneously reproduce on the Great Barrier Reef.

Average Rainfall54.1mm
Average TemperatureMin 21.4cMax 27.5c
Average Water TemperatureMin 22.0cMax 28.5c
Natures Calendar December - Clown Fish Coral Reef


Wildlife is extremely active on and below the surface Lady Musgrave Island in December. Numerous Black Noddy Tern chicks can be seen and Wedge-tailed Shearwaters are laying eggs in their burrows which can be seen on the guided island walks on our Day Tour. Mother turtles continue to lay their eggs on Lady Musgrave Island and coral spawning may occur!

Average Rainfall77.3mm
Average TemperatureMin 22.9cMax 29.4c
Average Water TemperatureMin 21.0cMax 25.5c