Lady Musgrave Island’s bird life is very active. This month is the peak-breeding season for Reef Herons. Pisonia Grand have stick seed falling from the trees.  Female Turtles are laying eggs on the beach and turtle hatchlings can be seen making their way to the sea.

Average Rainfall196mm
Average TemperatureMin 26.5cMax 30.5c
Average Water TemperatureMin 23.6cMax 29.5c


Shearwater chicks hatching – Island birdlife remains active.  Laying and hatchlings continue to erupt from the nests.

Average Rainfall136mm
Average TemperatureMin 26.5cMax 29.5c
Average Water TemperatureMin 23.6cMax 28.5c
Clownfish Great Barrier Reef


Migratory types of birds, such as the Noddy, Terns and Lesser Golden Plover depart the island.  Some show breeding plumage as they return to their nesting grounds.  Birds still nesting, include the Buffbanded Rail and the Black Noddy Tern.  Female Turtles are at the end of the nesting season.

Average Rainfall155.9mm
Average TemperatureMin 23.3cMax 29c
Average Water TemperatureMin 25.6cMax 28c
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Most of the Noddy Terns depart the island.  Young Wedgetailed Shearwater birds (Puffinus Pacificus) leave their burrows.  Adult Shearwater leave the island.

Average Rainfall79.0mm
Average TemperatureMin 21.6cMax 27.3c
Average Water TemperatureMin 23.0cMax 26c


Turtle hatchlings are finished.  Young Wedgetailed Shearwaters can be seen flying and should leave the island by the end of the month.

Average Rainfall135.8mm
Average TemperatureMin 19.4cMax 24.4c
Average Water TemperatureMin 19.5cMax 23.0c
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Humpback Whales northern migration begins.

Average Rainfall145mm
Average TemperatureMin 16.9cMax 21.0c
Average Water TemperatureMin 19.0cMax 22.0c


Humpback Whales frequently cited in the Capricornia/Bunker region.

Average Rainfall90.5mm
Average TemperatureMin 16.2cMax 21.0c
Average Water TemperatureMin 18.0cMax 23.0c


A month warming up to Spring, more general activity on the reef and the island.

Average Rainfall45.7mm
Average TemperatureMin 16.6cMax 22.3c
Average Water TemperatureMin 20.0cMax 23.0c


Humpback Whales remain active.  Black Noddy Terns are now returning to the island and will commence nesting.  Turtle mating may be observed.

Average Rainfall29.2mm
Average TemperatureMin 17.8cMax 21.2c
Average Water TemperatureMin 20.0cMax 24.0c
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Whales now heading back to the Antarctic with their calves.  Black Noddies nesting.  Wedgetailed Shearwaters returning to the island to nest.  Resident Silver Eyes nesting.  Turtle mating may be observed.

Average Rainfall43.5mm
Average TemperatureMin 19.7cMax 26.4c
Average Water TemperatureMin 19.0cMax 26.0c
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Turtle egg laying begins.  Wedgetailed Shearwaters can be seen digging and repairing nesting burrows.  It is the start of their breeding season.  Black Noddies can be seen in the nest.

Average Rainfall54.1mm
Average TemperatureMin 21.4cMax 27.5c
Average Water TemperatureMin 22.0cMax 28.5c


Bird life is extremely active. Numerous Black Noddy Tern chicks can be seen.  Wedge-tailed Shearwaters are laying eggs in their burrows. Turtles are laying eggs.  Coral spawning may occur.

Average Rainfall77.3mm
Average TemperatureMin 22.9cMax 29.4c
Average Water TemperatureMin 21.0cMax 25.5c

*Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee sightings of wildlife or marine life