Reef Keeper Program

Reef Keeper Great Barrier Reef

Do you love the reef and want to make a difference? Maybe you’re studying in the environmental field and would like to gain some field data collection and monitoring experience? Keen to make some new friends and WOW your existing ones with all the reef facts and knowledge you’ll learn through this educational and inspiring program? Come join us as a Reef Keeper!

Operating in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and UNESCO World Heritage area on the southern Great Barrier Reef, we are a high standard tourism operator with a strong commitment to the conservation and sustainability of the reef that we visit and enjoy each day.

You can become a part of this commitment and not only learn how to monitor the reef ecosystem, but also how to explain to your friends, family and community what it means for a coral reef to be healthy, and simple actions we can take in our everyday lives to keep it that way.

Reef Keepers participate in on land training and information sessions and 3 reef day trips for in water training conducted as a group of like-minded citizen scientists.

Master Reef Guide

Lady Musgrave Experience have our very own Master Reef Guides. Master Reef Guides are recognised as the world’s leading reef guides, interpreters and story tellers sharing the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

LME organised Eye On The Reef training through GBRMPA which enabled our guides to conduct Reef Health Impact Surveys, Tourism Weekly Surveys, Coral Monitoring and data collection and reporting directly to GBRMPA.

Our team is now well placed to run our Marine Education Program.

Reef Master Guide - Great Barrier Reef

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Reef Keeper

Reef Keeper Great Barrier Reef

Learn to better understand food webs and connectivity, how to tell the difference between a dead reef and healthy reef (like ours!), as well as the impacts of climate change and other threats to this incredible ecosystem. As a Reef Keeper, you will receive training in both theoretical and practical reef citizen science monitoring methods, as well as how to communicate reef health messages with the community.

We are looking for people with a passion for the Great Barrier Reef and a desire to learn and make a difference. Reef Keepers are committed, enthusiastic, proactive and passionate about reef health and sharing their learnings and experiences with their families and community.

We recommend you experience our “Be a Marine Biologist for a Day” program before making the commitment to becoming a Reef Keeper!

Apply now to become a Lady Musgrave Experience Reef Keeper! If you are under 18 and would like to become a Junior Reef Keeper, please send an expression of interest to We will contact you when applications open for the junior program! Here’s what some of our Reef Keepers shared about their experience:

“Undertaking the reef keeper training and reef surveys provided a rich and wonderful experience shared with my daughter Lani who thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to experience, first-hand, science in action. She was elected Reef Guardian representative in her primary school and, with her team, initiated activities to build awareness about the value and need to respect this unique feature. My relief teaching position offered many opportunities to reflect with students (ranging from Prep to Year 6 and from various schools) about the beauty and value of the Great Barrier Reef and our responsibility, as Australian and global citizens, to safeguard it.

The Year 6 geography assessment was about the Great Barrier Reef and we invited an experienced Reef Guardian to explain her work and the technique and network used to record coral health. ” Danielle Florens, Reef Keeper “While a long time reef and diving enthusiast the reef has always been part of my life . However the Reef Keeper program gave me tools to meaningfully connect both my students and my family in a deeper way to the reef. As such my son had his first visit to the reef.

I also organised an experience where my year 11 biology students viewed turtle nesting and helped move doomed turtle nests at Mon Repos. My homegroup class is also constructing a turtle out of sea garbage. By doing these activities family and students have found a deeper respect for the reef and the environment.

Kate Nunn, Reef Keeper