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At Lady Musgrave Experience you can be assured of the remoteness and untouched nature of all of our dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef.

Lady Musgrave Experience is the only tour provider that has the flexibility, genuine diving service & reef expertise to offer you the exclusive diving in these remote stunning locations.

Our mantra is the Best Scuba Diving Experience on the Great Barrier Reef and we offer the most unique, world class dive offering in the Southern Great Barrier Reef. At Lady Musgrave Experience we give you unrivalled access to the pristine Bunker Group of islands, Lady Musgrave, Fairfax and Hoskyn Islands – an experience that really needs to be experienced to be believed.

As part of our commitment to provide you the Best Scuba Diving Experience on the Great Barrier Reef, we expand our expeditions and offer additional unique dive site experiences, that we can tailor as part of your overall compete scuba diving getaway. Seeking even great diversity, then we can also explore the northern reef reaches into the Capricorn Group, with stunning, remote and highly sought after sites such as the Boult, Llewelyn, Lamont and Fitzroy Reefs.

The Best Scuba Diving Experience on the Great Barrier Reef, Lady Musgrave Experience, allows multiple world class scuba dive sites to be explored with complete ease over a multiple number of days. These unrivalled, quality scuba diving experiences have not been available to access with such ease ex Lady Musgrave Island.

Groups of 20 are easily catered for and we tailor exclusive dive itineraries to your needs – it is Lady Musgrave Experience’s specialty.

Enquire about our OVERNIGHT GROUP Packages (starting very soon) in the ENQUIRE NOW section.

Why is Lady Musgrave Experience a stand out Scuba Divers Choice?

– Long bottom times available  (up to 60 minutes)

– Custom built dive boat with purpose designed layout. Fully undercover

– Dive masters lead all dives

– Giant stride entries – exit via 2 ladders

– No carrying of tanks or weights. Crew load gear

– All dive sites located within a World Heritage Listed Marine Park

– Up to 5 dives per day

– High quality hire equipment available

– Night Dives within lagoon

-Exclusive group bookings available

Lady Musgrave Experience – The Best Scuba Diving Experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

Introductory Diving Lady Musgrave Island

Introductory dives are suitable for beginners and for the first time experience which is available on every day tour.

It is very easy and an awesome experience to take advantage of whilst in the protected waters of the best lagoon on the Great Barrier Reef! You can get one of your family or friends to buddy up or snorkel above and take photos. One of our qualified and highly experienced dive instructors will ease you into the underwater world from the unique and custom designed platform at the back of the vessel. You must be over 12 years of age, pass the required medical questionnaire and participate in the 30 minute dive introduction.

All scuba equipment, including wetsuits are included. All our professional and experienced dive instructors are PADI qualified.

Certified Diving Lady Musgrave Experience

Certified Divers get the chance to explore the more remote sites of the outer Lady Musgrave reefs walls and sites of surrounding reefs. These sites are popular with divers to experience the larger pelagics, turtles, sharks, Manta Rays and a more diverse underwater world teeming with a vast array of marinelife.

Certified divers can experience up to two spectacular dives of the more adventurous sites where visibility is always fantastic and the difference in marine life from site to site is always outstanding. A minimum of one of our qualified dive crew will accompany you on each dive to share the local knowledge and to maximize your dive experience.

Certification cards from an internationally recognized SCUBA association must be presented.


What our clients say about Lady Musgrave Experience

Best Reef Diving in the World

I love diving with Lady Musgrave Experience,Mitch is so brilliant, comfortable, scenic excillerating! The views above the water & below are to be seen to be believed! The boats are so comfortable & meals are excellent!
Some of the Coral dives are the best in the world, you won’t see better! If you haven’t done this trip you should! If you are going Scuba Diving you may as well do the best in the world!


We were fortunate to have great weather on the day of the trip. It was a fantastic experience to scuba dive and snorkel with Lady Musgrave Experience. Thank you to Johnny Chang, his professional diving skill and patience. I was lead by him and It was my first time to scuba dive but I didn’t feel any fear and or tension. We swam with four giant turtles and many many many tropical fish! We also saw dolphins and whales! 1000% recommended! IT WAS WONDERFUL!


The beauty of the reef and the Lady Musgrave Island is unsurpassed. However, the greatest strength of the trip is the incredible staff at LME, all of whom are professional, friendly and well-informed. The amenities on the boat are great. The people of this organization clearly care about protecting the reef and minimizing impacts (which should be important to everyone who wants to see the reef survive).

The HIGHLIGHT for me was the introductory scuba diving class. I’d snorkelled before, but not dived. For only an additional $110, it seemed like a good opportunity. It turns out to be one of the best “new” experience I’ve had in my 50 years of this planet. (And I’ve been fortunate to travel to many amazing places and work with great people.) Again, the difference was made by the staff. The diving instructor Natalie, who is also a trained marine biologist and master reef guide with exceptional communication and relational skills, was able to not only teach the basics of diving so that it seemed easy to a complete newbie, but at the same time also pass on her enthusiasm for the reef and all the amazing life that inhabits it. Rarely in a tourism environment have I come across someone so authentic, patient and generous of spirit. Also, an unexpected benefit was receiving the best marine biology class ever, at 6 metres under water! Overall, a special and memorable experience surpassing all expectations. I hope to return from Canada in the near future to experience this again!

(Note: trip also includes a short hike on the coral island which is informative, fascinating and beautiful. The day trip also includes a very delicious and ample lunch – several selections of salad, cold cut meats and lots of prawns – was served soon after arriving.)

My first encounter with the great barrier reef

The tour is perfectly organized, the captain and the cruise crew are hospitable, friendly and professional. All the equipment and facilities are well, foods are just fine and enough.

We experienced a very good scuba diving with dive instructor Taylor (thanks Taylor for your excellent support), we had a glass bottom boat in the way between the cruise and the island, and a short walk in the island, and still had half an hour for more snorkeling.

If you are scuba diving adict, never lose diving in the lagoon. The prices were also not that unreasonable.

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