Scuba Diving Lady Musgrave Island

For the most experienced and adventurous scuba diver to the absolute beginner, Lady Musgrave Experience offers an amazing and personal scuba diving experience like no other that allows you to get up close with the beautiful colourful corals, unique marine life and enjoy an experience of the diverse underwater world of Australia’s Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Day tours to Lady Musgrave Island with Lady Musgrave Experience, gives you the opportunity to add a memorable and amazing Southern Great Barrier Reef experience with an underwater adventure of a lifetime with an Introductory scuba dive for a first time diver or an adventurous guided scuba diving encounter with one of our qualified dive staff. Lady Musgrave Reef has the unique ability to provide all weather dive sites, from the calm protected lagoon waters within the reef to outer reef wall and exploring drift dives for the more experienced.

Scuba Diving Tours Lady Musgrave Island 1 - Getting Ready On Duckboard For Scuba Diving Tour
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