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Scuba Diving Great Barrier Reef

Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef with Lady Musgrave Experience provides unrivalled access to some of the most pristine reef dive destinations you could wish for.

We pride ourselves as the Best Scuba Diving Experience on the Great Barrier Reef, join us to create reef diving memories.

Scuba Diving Queensland MapWhen you are with the award winning and advanced eco-certified Lady Musgrave Experience you will scuba dive some of the best and most pristine untouched dive sites of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Southern Great Barrier Reef is reknown for its pristine reef quality – here at Lady Musgrave Experience we take that a step further and a step deeper. Join us to dive the remote and untouched dive sites within both the Bunker Group and Southern Capricorn Group of islands on the Great Barrier Reef. Highly regarded, they are quickly gaining global awareness as some of the worlds best dive sites any passionate scuba dive could visit.

Non-Certified Diving Lady Musgrave Island

Non-Certified lagoon dives are suitable for beginners with absolutely no experience required. This is available as an optional add-on to our Lady Musgrave Island Day Tour.

Take advantage of the calm, sheltered waters in the best lagoon on the Great Barrier Reef! Discover more of the underwater world and visit our resident turtles at their cleaning stations. One of our qualified and highly experienced dive instructors will ease you into the underwater world from our custom dive platform off Lady Musgrave HQ pontoon. You must be over 12 years of age, pass the required medical questionnaire and participate in the 30 minute dive introduction.

All scuba equipment, including wetsuits are included. Our professional and experienced dive instructors are PADI and SSI qualified.

Certified Diving Adventure Outer Reef

Certified Divers get the chance to explore the more remote sites of the outer reefs of Lady Musgrave Island and Fairfax Islands. These sites are popular with divers to experience the larger pelagics, turtles, sharks, manta rays and a more diverse underwater world teeming with a vast array of marine life. Visit our interactive Dive Locations Map to find out what you can expect to see!

Certified divers embark on our custom dive boat ‘Underworld’ for two dives before returning to Lady Musgrave HQ for a plated lunch. Includes tanks and weights. Our qualified dive crew will accompany you on each dive to share the local knowledge and to maximize your dive experience.

Certification cards from an internationally recognized SCUBA association must be presented.

Great Barrier Reef Scuba Diving Tours

Learn more about what you might see.

At Lady Musgrave Experience you can be assured of the remoteness and untouched nature of all of our dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef.

Lady Musgrave Experience is the only tour provider that has the flexibility, genuine diving service & reef expertise to offer you the exclusive diving in these remote stunning locations.

Our mantra is the Best Scuba Diving Experience on the Great Barrier Reef and we offer the most unique, world class dive offering in the Southern Great Barrier Reef. At Lady Musgrave Experience we give you unrivalled access to the pristine Bunker Group of islands, Lady Musgrave, Fairfax and Hoskyn Islands – an experience that really needs to be experienced to be believed.

As part of our commitment to provide you the Best Scuba Diving Experience on the Great Barrier Reef, we expand our expeditions and offer additional unique dive site experiences, that we can tailor as part of your overall compete scuba diving getaway. Seeking even great diversity, then we can also explore the northern reef reaches into the Capricorn Group, with stunning, remote and highly sought after sites such as the Boult, Llewelyn, Lamont and Fitzroy Reefs.

The Best Scuba Diving Experience on the Great Barrier Reef, Lady Musgrave Experience, allows multiple world class scuba dive sites to be explored with complete ease over a multiple number of days. These unrivalled, quality scuba diving experiences have not been available to access with such ease ex Lady Musgrave Island.

Groups of 20 are easily catered for and we tailor exclusive dive itineraries to your needs – it is Lady Musgrave Experience’s specialty.

FAQ’s – Scuba Diving

– Long bottom times available  (up to 60 minutes)

– Custom built dive boat with purpose designed layout. Fully undercover

– Dive masters lead all dives

– Giant stride entries – exit via 2 ladders

– No carrying of tanks or weights. Crew load gear

– All dive sites located within a World Heritage Listed Marine Park

– Up to 5 dives per day

– High quality hire equipment available

– Night Dives within lagoon

– Exclusive group bookings available

For anyone participating in Non-Certified Scuba Diving, please read the following requirements – please read the attached “Medical declaration for  Intro (resort) diving”.

If you answer YES to any of these questions then you won’t be able to dive unless you’ve got medical clearance, which a copy of a current doctor’s certificate must be supplied.

If you’re able to, please print & complete and bring with you for the dive team.

Please Download & Read Carefully.

Initial-Medical-Declaration-for-Introductory Diving

Scuba Diving Activities


You must be over 12 years of age, pass the required medical questionnaire and participate in the 30 minute dive briefing.

Scuba Diving Activities


The lagoon has a rich abundance of tropical fish, colourful corals, anemones, giant clams, blue linckia starfish, small, docile reef sharks and turtles. A breathtaking experience in a comfortable, sheltered environment great for any level of experience.

Scuba Diving Activities


Absolutely, our experienced dive instructors on board will guide guests through their first underwater scuba diving experience to make it memorable, enjoyable and safe. No previous diving experience required however please read the “Initial-Medical-Declaration-for-Introductory Diving” prior to coming on board to avoid disappointment as guest safety is paramount. Introductory dives include a dive briefing allowing the instructor to introduce the equipment and underwater skills. The remaining time underwater will allow you to follow your instructor as they highlight beautiful corals and fish on a guided tour.

Scuba Diving Activities


A visual of a dive certification card or electronic confirmation or screenshot with diver certification number, affiliation and dive certification level is required prior to diving. Please contact your dive affiliation for your dive certification number prior to boarding as it is required for certified dive activities. If you are unable to provide your dive certification number the option to do an introductory dive can be offered.

Scuba Diving Activities


The lagoon is a sheltered environment with regular visitors including turtles, rays, reef tip sharks and hundreds of tropical fish species. The outer edge is more exposed and currents welcome larger marine life such as manta rays, larger shark species, turtles, a wide variety of hard and soft coral structures, as well as large schools of fish such as barracuda.

Scuba Diving Activities


The ability to swim at least 100m is a safety requirement for all diving activities on the vessel.

Scuba Diving Activities


Take the time to review the “Initial-Medical-Declaration-for-Introductory Diving” as guests on prescription medications or with any of the listed conditions require a doctor’s clearance prior to any diving activity on board. This applies to both introductory and certified divers.

Scuba Diving Activities


We are in a UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site and a dedicated Marine Park Green Zone. Under no circumstances must we touch the coral, wildlife or any other naturally occurring part of the Great Barrier Reef. This protects the Great Barrier Reef for the enjoyment of today’s and future generations as well as protecting yourself from potential infection or damage from the coral and wildlife.

Scuba Diving Activities