Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime and is an amazing activity to share with family and friends.  Included as part of our Lady Musgrave Experience Day Tour and fully inclusive of premium quality Mares mask, snorkel and fins. Wetsuits are available if required for the cooler months.

All our snorkelling activities have in water guides that go with you and carry a lifebouy. This is a great visual for everyone to recognise who the snorkel guide is. They show you the best places to explore and swim with our resident turtles and are there for any assistance. For the less experienced or first time snorkelers, our in water guides, which are all scuba diving instructors, give you lessons and teach you how to safely and comfortably use the equipment to make the most out of your day on the reef.

Our snorkelling areas are close by the boat and within a sheltered and protected reef lagoon. The average depth is approximately 7m yet the reef edge where you will be snorkelling is often within touching distance and allows you a very close look at the variety of corals and local reef fish species. 

Before entering the water you will be given a thorough safety briefing outlining the activity and all guidelines. This prepares you for your snorkelling adventure and allows you to feel at ease while exploring the reef. We ask any medical conditions MUST be brought to the crews attention, discretely, so we can keep an extra special eye on you and be made aware of any medication if required.

A permanent lookout is stationed on the upper deck in a bright yellow vest with a radio and whistle, which gives a birds eye view of our snorkelers. Crew on the lower deck assist snorkelers in and out of the water and are on standby with our inflatable tender for any immediate responses. All crew are trained in senior first aid, oxygen delivery and AED.   

We ensure all our snorkelers are fitted perfectly with mask, snorkel and fins prior entering the water. We also provide flotation/snorkeling vests and pool noodles for those who just wish to float on the surface and let all the fish and turtles do the work and come to them! 

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