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You can go snorkelling around the large bommies adjacent to the Reef Empress, but you’ll really get the most out of your snorkelling experience by following the edge of the reef. It’s on the Great Barrier Reef edge and around the bommies where you will encounter the greatest diversity of marine life and pristine corals.

While approaching the reef edge and coral bommies you will see large sea cucumbers laying on the lagoon floors. A part of the starfish family, sea cucumbers are known as the vacuum cleaners of the roof because of the way they clean the sand of fish waste and bacteria. The lagoon has large formations of staghorn coral. These are normally very brightly coloured however some only have colouration only on the tips. The blue blanket coral is commonly found growing up the reef edges.

Mushroom corals are the only corals that will move with the tide or current looking like a grooved frisbee. When the feeding tentacles are extended they resemble small anemones. Close to the boat on the reef edge there are some giant clams. The clam’s hard shell is open when they are in feeding mode and will gently close as its primitive eye detects any changes in light.

Another type of clam can also be seen amongst the coral, the burrowing clam which buries itself in the coral.

In strategic positions around the lagoon are ‘cleaning stations’, managed by the cleaner wrasse, a small blue and white fish. The cleaner wrasse waits for the other fish to pass through this area, when they do they will pause while the cleaner wrasse passes over their body eating ectoparasites and mucus off of the fish. The cleaner wrasse will actually enter the mouse and gill cavities of some of the larger fish to complete a more thorough job.

Our snorkelling experience is like no other – all year round it’s safe, no stinger suits are needed and only pristine corals and abundant marine life to see. You can organise your time to spend as much as you want snorkelling in the lagoon and reef. There are exciting outer reef snorkelling options for a handful of experienced and fit snorkelers….hand selected opportunities that will leave you speechless.

Snorkelling Lady Musgrave Island

Our day tour is something that needs to be experienced to be believed, there is a very good reason why it’s called The Best Snorkelling Experience on the Great Barrier Reef – because it is!!

Beyond our amazing reef snorkelling experience we can open your senses to some of the most amazing taste experiences on the Great Barrier Reef in our local region.

With the award winning Bundaberg Rum Distillery, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Kalki Moon Gin Distillery and a host of our award winning restaurants in the Windmill Café, Indulge restaurant, Water Street Kitchen, Grunske’s Seafood restaurant, just to name a few you can make a real holiday of it.

Other brilliant local visit options include the Mon Repos Turtle Centre, Hinkler Hall of Aviation and our local beachside communities of Bargara & Elliot Heads.

Explore Bundaberg Region

Equally, the beauty of our location is that we are very close to another natural wonder of the world – the world’s biggest sand Island – Fraser Island. Less than two hours apart, you can join us on the Great Barrier Reef and then continue on to another UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site in Fraser Island.

See dingoes in their natural habitat or visit the amazing perched freshwater lake for a majestic swim, Lake MacKenzie – you will be amazed at what you discover when you combine the Reef & Fraser.

Come and discover the Best Snorkelling Experience on the Great Barrier Reef and be the envy of all of your friends.

Lady Musgrave Experience – The Best Snorkelling Tour Experience on the Great Barrier Reef.


What our clients say about Lady Musgrave Experience

Snorkelers Delight

Amazing Day – The top item on my bucket list was snorkeling on the Barrier Reef ! It was all that and more. Boat was very comfortable, crew knowledgeable and entertaining, snacks and lunch really nice. Trip out was great, saw a number of dolphins along the way, weather was perfect. Arrived and anchored and were in 3 groups, each taking turns in the glass bottom boat, then a stroll on Musgrave Island and then swimming/snorkeling. There are no words to describe in full the feeling of floating over huge amounts of beautiful coral and at the same time seeing fish of all sizes and colors alongside us, even watched turtles eating and swimming, so cool. Whilst walking along the coral shore of the Island we saw many small rays and black tip sharks . I have snorkeled in many places (Mauritius, Grand Comoros, Aruba etc) but this,tops the, all !!!! I can’t wait to visit Australia again and visit the reef further up. If you have free time, make sure you take this trip, it’s worth every penny – Thanks Lady Musgrave.

Lady Musgrave Experience – AMAZING

Wow! What a day! Snorkeling with turtles swimming right beside you, fish everywhere, amazing coral… Morning & afternoon tea was provided and a buffet lunch too! The food was delicious!! Such a wonderful day and the staff were AMAZING!!! Could not recommend this tour more!!!

Best experience of the great barrier reef

My family and I spent the first day of 2020 with lady Musgrave experience, absolutely cracking way to bring in the new year with crystal clear water an abundance of sea life. friendly turtles that were more than happy to let you up close and personal while snorkeling in the aqua lagoon. Super friendly, organized and informative crew with a gourmet buffet lunch included 12/10 recommend to go out with the crew of the lady Musgrave experience you won’t be disappointed!

My first encounter with the great barrier reef

The tour is perfectly organized, the captain and the cruise crew are hospitable, friendly and professional. All the equipment and facilities are well, foods are just fine and enough.

We experienced a very good scuba diving with dive instructor Taylor (thanks Taylor for your excellent support), we had a glass bottom boat in the way between the cruise and the island, and a short walk in the island, and still had half an hour for more snorkeling.

If you are scuba diving adict, never lose diving in the lagoon. The prices were also not that unreasonable.

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