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Great Barrier Reef Tobruk Dive Experience

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Tobruk Dive Experience is the premier scuba diving tour for ex-HMAS Tobruk off the coast of Queensland, Australia. After the recent scuttling and some time for the local marine life to settle in, Tobruk Dive Experience is now offering day tours for Individuals, Couples and Groups.

Scuba dive with us and see the ex-HMAS Tobruk in it’s final resting place, teaming with marine life. This day tour package offers you to chance to explore the ships Decks and many rooms that have been used by the Australian military on a range of operations.

Simply get in touch with us to make a bookings or simply make an online booking via our bookings page to get started. If you would like to learn more about Tobruk Dive Experience you can also visit our dedicated website via


What our clients say about Lady Musgrave Experience

HMAS Tobruk Dive

Hmas Tobruk
Great staff ,Great Boat
Considered an advanced dive site
You have to know what you are doing but very easy
13m to deck (side) about 28 m to the sand
Dive guides a little over cautious
Some coral ,nice fish life -Snapper,Cod,octopus ,lion fish ,trevally and a resident turtle that will come right to you

Lady Musgrave island and snorkel, and EX-HMAS TOBRUK wreck dive

Thanks to rhe amazing crew, Tracy ,Rhy, Levi, Georgia, Nat, Dannys, Phil, Cam, James, for welcoming me aboard and creating a fun, relaxed and memorable 2 days! Absolutely blown away by their hospitality. My first wreck dive ever and we saw barracuda, turtles, lionfish and so much more. The trip to the island was beautiful, with lots of friendly turtles and stunning coral. Absolute must see. A wee gem of the southern great barrier reef. Will be back!

Tobruk dive experience

We joined in the day trip to dive the ex HMAS Tobruk a little different to heading out to Lady Musgrave island, but we know this vessel well and the crew also , it’s always a pleasure to travel with these experienced staff and know you are in excellent hands. Arriving at the wreck , we geared up for our first dive.
No1 dive was orientation of the top of the Tobruk, walkways,wheelhouse, the huge prop an amazing way to start.
Also within the abundance of marine life, barracuda’s,batfish, makeral, surgeons,wrasses was BROOKIE,green sea turtle,she has become a local and very friendly. Loved it. Surfaced and back on board for lunch (yumo) hot lasagna and garlic bread with garden salad and a cold drink while the crew refilled tanks as we prepare for dive NO2 :)
Dive no2- tank deck,engine room,crane arm, walkways . This is very cool, swimming across the portside of the wreck and penetrating at the stern through rear ramp that is open into a huge dark void , truly mysterious feeling as you drift along where once military vehicles were and doorways leading to different guarters, mess, kitchen.big thanks to phil and Levi who were our DM and were excellent guides. All the crew were very helpful and friendly with our safety being thier no1 priority. Will be back as there is so much too see. Thanks to LME for another great experience. Highly recommended