Top 10 Things To Do In Bundaberg

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Top 10 Things To Do In Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

Any frequent traveler always has one question on the back of his mind: what to do in the new location I will visit? The same aspect applies to people who visit Bundaberg. This Australian town offers various options for tourists to enjoy themselves, learn, and have a great time. Here, we will provide a guide of the top 10 things you can do on your next trip to this Australian heaven.

Beach Time!

Everyone wants a refreshing time at a beautiful and warm beach to relax, and Bundaberg is undoubtedly the region for it. You can opt from Neilson’s calm beach to the surfing sport at Elliot Heads. It is fair to say that Bundaberg has a beach for everyone!

Love to Hike? Do it now!

If you are a hiker who loves sandstone, you have the perfect place to do it in Bundaberg: Cania Gorge National Park is easy to approach from the area. Additionally, you can try Mt Walsh National Park as well.

A trip For Your Tastebuds

Remember, you have an award-winning Gin originating from this city. To visit the Kalki Moon Distilling and Brewing Company and get a free tour in Bundaberg of this awesome pace. You also get to taste numerous liquors and gins.

Friday Night Fantasies

You can visit Riverfest on a Friday night, where you will find most of the locals and other visitors at the same place enjoying the beautiful views of the Burnett River. Eat something you like, and enjoy this free-to-visit place as part of your next Bundaberg tour.

The Hummock View

An extremely exciting view in Bundaberg is at the Hummock. The now-extinct view volcano offers you to oversee the coral coast and Bargara. You can enjoy the view of farmlands meeting the ocean in this unique, of a kind spot.

The Artistic Tour

Always plan your Bundaberg tour keeping the art it has to offer in mind. You can visit the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery and the Childers Art Space to check the exuberant and beautiful local artwork. Additionally, you can see multiple murals across the city of Bundaberg as well.

Woodgate Beach – a must-visit area

If you wonder what paradise looks like, take time out during your tour to visit the beautiful Bundaberg beach area called Woodgate beach. The 16 km protected beach area is extremely splendid to visit. You can enjoy swimming in the warm waters. Additionally, there are multiple food vendors out there selling both local and foreign food options. It would the time of your life.

Boat wet

Remember, the Cania Dam offers crystal clear waters and scenic beauty like none other after heavy rainfall. Add this dam, along with Paradise Dam, as your touring spot. Make sure you ski and tube in the area.

The Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Did you want to grow up to become a pilot as well? Are you interested in airplanes? Wait no further! When in Bundaberg, add the Hinkler Hall of Aviation to your to-do list. You can see various news and old local aviation. Some of the pieces are there from the early days of aviation. Additionally, there are multiple other areas in the same vicinity to check out while you are at Hinkler Hall.

The Great Barrier Reef

Remember, this part of Australia provides you the gateway to one of the biggest coral reefs in the world, which has now been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the only coral reef that appears from space as well. You can get a guided tour to visit the area with specialists alongside explaining the reef’s features.


It is honestly impossible, to sum up, everything you can do in Bundaberg during your next tour. However, we hope that the article has given you a good idea of what to put on your to-do list for Bundaberg tours.