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Whale Watching Season Hervey Bay

Whale watching is on my bucket list and I have done it, and if it’s on yours I want to share my experience and provide suggestions to you so that you can maximize your fun with this once in a life time experience. To find out more about how you can live this once in a life time experience to your fullest please read below:

Starting from where to go for whale watching, if you want to see the whales in their natural habitat and enjoy each and every moment of your experience then you need to head to head to Hervey Bay in Queensland.

Why Whale Watching Season Hervey Bay ?

Hervey Bay shows the whales in their natural habitat as they head towards Antarctica and the reason why you should choose it is because instead of watching whales in their non-natural habitat you need to watch them closely in their natural habitat when they look the most stunning and surely seeing them swim towards Antarctica is one of the most mesmerising live scene you could ever experience.

Moreover, there are other coastal areas where you can see whales but Hervey Bay is a location where whales rest before travelling to their destination so you don’t only see them swim towards their destination but since they are resting you’re also able to see them play and interact with each other.

In addition the reason why Hervey Bay is great is because this is the location where mother whales teach their newborn calves how to survive in different conditions such as in deep water, cold water and different skills whales need to survive.

So, if you go to Hervey Bay for watching whales you can be sure that it will be the most rewarding and natural experience of your life.

When To Go Whale Watching In Hervey Bay

Based on personal experience and experience of other whale watches Mid-July to end November is the time to go for whale watching on Hervey Bay. During this time whales have made Hervey Bay a resting home for themselves and their baby whales so they not only spend a lot of time here before migrating but also naturally are very active and playful.

When you go to Hervey Bay in this peak season you will probably just be hoping to see a whale swim by when you’re in your boat but that’s not all that happens. You will also end up seeing a group of whales playing, breaching and tail slapping around whales. You will be happy to know that whales are very friendly and you can get some amazing shots with your camera of these playful and friendly whales.

When you are going whale watching to Hervey Bay you can also be sure that you will be safe and secure since it’s done within the bay where waters are calm and there is protection from Fraser Island on the east.

So, what are you waiting for book yourself a tour now and enjoy whale watching this summer!