Wellness & Yoga Retreat

Friday 11 – Sunday 13 November

Immerse yourself into three days of wellness, yoga and mother nature on the Great Barrier Reef, surrounded by the turquoise blue waters of Lady Musgrave Island.

Be guided by the skilled instructors, Katie from Happiness Yoga, leading restorative practices through movement and breath, and Amy practising gentle yoga flow on stand up paddleboards. These daily wellness activities will be sure to refuel your spirit with nature’s beauty in the water encountering the resident marine life and coral in the lagoon, then retreat to Lady Musgrave HQ for a good night’s sleep under the stars on your Queen glamping bed or next to the fishes in the underwater observatory.

What’s included:

  • Transfers on luxury catamaran from Bundaberg including morning and afternoon tea
  • Accommodation on Lady Musgrave HQ
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner on Lady Musgrave HQ
  • Wellness and yoga activities
  • Glass bottom boat tour and guided island walk
  • Snorkelling Lady Musgrave Island Lagoon

Wellness and Yoga Activities:

Energy and Alignment

Lead throughout the day and evening by an experienced, qualified teacher. Every morning there is the invitation to join a stand up paddle board yoga session or group yoga flow to stretch the body and clear the mind for the new day.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a fabulous way to experience the beauty of the pristine waters surrounding Lady Musgrave. Join Amy, one of Happiness Yoga’s qualified instructors for a SUP session each morning from 5.30am – 6.30am. This excellent core fitness sport will help you build all over body strength and improve your balance.

The session is suitable for all levels and consists of a yoga warm up, foundations of stand up paddle boarding and paddle technique,  followed by a gentle yoga flow on the boards with focus on balance and stabilisation. All while having fun in the sun!

Finish the day with a pilates flow and stretch and restorative yoga session.

Restoration through Movement and Breath

When our nervous system is kept in a hyper active state and doesn’t get space to ‘switch off’ our balance is lost and both physical and psychological damage can happen. Using the medicine of movement and breath, David provides space to restore this balance.

David draws upon his: long meditation practice, yoga teaching experience, movingness training, and Ecstatic Dance experience, to provide a space that is sacred.  In this sacred space participants have the opportunity to surrender that which is causing any imbalance and leave feeling restored, refreshed and enlivened.

The Restorative practices led by David draws upon the wisdom of the elders and music with deep bass tribal beats, to provide participants with space to enter a dream-like state where letting go is easy.  Every pose is invitational, you can’t get it wrong, and everything is welcome.

Mindful Space & Creative Connections

Journals are provided as part of your retreat for you to engage in a number of creative endeavours to reconnect to your inner self. There is complete freedom in whether you wish to take inspiration from the daily prompts or simply go inwards through words, visualisation and drawing opportunities.

A place of happiness and creativity, conducted amongst the beauty of Lady Musgrave Island. Create beautiful personal art pieces to take away and treasure while also building life-long friendships with your tribe of retreat participants.

Breathing to the Medicine Drum

Throughout the weekend there will be spaces where we breathe together to the beat of a medicine drum, might be David’s or to some drumming sound tracks.  Breathing is usually done via the autonomic nervous system without any consciousness.  This breath is typically short, through the mouth or nose, and only uses about 10% of our lung capacity.  Breathing with intention and attention connects us to the rest and digest part of our nervous system and to the feel good sensations that arise when connected to the vagus nerve. 

We live in a fast, digitally based environment. We talk about environmental sustainability.  What about a sustainable life, are you equipped personally to get through this year, next year and the year after. Conscious breath will help you. The breath connects body, mind and spirit.  Breathing: profoundly, deeply, slowly, rhythmically to the beat of a drum will provide a tool to lead a sustainable life.


  • Day 1

    Depart Bundaberg to Lady Musgrave Island on luxury catamaran ‘Reef Empress’

    Encounter nature through snorkelling, glass bottom boat tour and guided island walk

    Connect and meet the crew and yoga team

    Energy and alignment yoga session

    Sunset cruise with afternoon drinks

    Dinner with Chef Rui

  • Day 2

    Stand up paddle board yoga or yoga flow session

    Mindful space activities

    Island time with creative connections, medicine drums, meditation and breathwork, neurographic art, natural mandalas, island dance and movement

    Buffet lunch on Lady Musgrave HQ

    Snorkeling Lady Musgrave lagoon

    Pilates flow and stretch session

    Restorative yoga session

    Dinner and dancing on Lady Musgrave HQ

  • Day 3

    Stand up paddle board yoga or yoga flow session

    Island time with creative connections, medicine drums, meditation and breathwork, and cacao ceremony

    Snorkel Lady Musgrave lagoon and swim with the resident marine life

    Return to Bundaberg onboard ‘Reef Empress’


Upper Deck Glamping Accommodation - Sleep On The Reef

Upper Deck Island View
Queen Glamping Bed (single)



Upper Deck Island View Queen Glamping Bed - Lady Musgrave HQ

Upper Deck Island View Queen
Glamping Bed (twin share)


$1,662 per person

Underwater Observatory
Single Bunk Bed



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