Whale Watching Day Tours

Whale Watching Day Tours Great Barrier Reef

Imagine being awed as one of the largest animals on earth launches its body into the sky, before crashing gracefully back into the water and then popping up just meters away from you to say a curious hello. These gentle giants are known to be highly intelligent, community-oriented animals that we are so lucky to have grace our oceans.

Humpback whales are mammals that undertake one of the longest migrations in the animal kingdom, feeding all the way from Antarctica to breeding closer the tropics. The Great Barrier Reef is right on their migration route and is a popular stopping and resting point for these incredible creatures. The tropical waters are ideal for the young calves with little body fat as they bond with their mothers and learn essential survival skills.

The experience of seeing a humpback whale up close is really like no other, and our crew will do our absolute best to ensure you leave with unforgettable memories of your encounters.

We are an environmentally responsible operator, following all rules and guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience while posing no harm to these incredible creatures. We’re proud to say we have been recognised with Advanced Ecotourism Certificate from Ecotourism Australia, so you can be rest assured that you’re with a credible, environmentally friendly operator.

Whale watching tours are seasonal, between July – October.

Half Day Whale Watching Tours


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2 Day Reef & Whale Package


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Includes 6 x Half Day Whale Watching Tours for the 2022 season

Whale Watching with Lady Musgrave Experience

Great Barrier Reef Whale Watching Tours

Learn more about what you might see.

We are a high quality, luxurious and environmentally friendly operator offering whale watching from Bundaberg, just 45 minutes drive north of Hervey Bay. Board our vessel, with comfortable, luxurious seating and 360 degree viewing decks.

Our crew will make you feel valued and ensure you will have the best experience from the minute you step on board to the moment we bid you goodbye. The tour includes a light lunch and morning tea, and cold drinks and snacks are available for purchase on board.

To date, we have had a 100% success rate and have never come home without a sighting! Of course whales are wild animals and it is difficult to predict their behaviour, but whether you are lucky enough to witness breaches, spy-hops, fin and tail slapping, or even getting “mugged,” every encounter will be different to the next.

Often these creatures are just as curious about us as we are about them and will relax and play alongside our vessel. You can even try giving them a wave to see what their reaction could be. You can never get enough of the playful humpbacks and we guarantee you won’t go home disappointed.

If you’d like to experience the best in whale watching, then come and play with us here in Bundaberg. If you’re a local, why drive all the way to Hervey Bay when you have a local operator who delivers exceptional humpback whale experiences, leaving right from your doorstep at the Burnett Heads Port Marina.

Why not package your whale watching experience with a trip to the southern Great Barrier Reef? We do day tours out to Lady Musgrave Island where you can swim with turtles, rays and a myriad of colourful coral and reef fish.

FAQ’s – Whale Watching

Whales are wild animals, and our staff make every effort to make each tour an exciting and  memorable one. Although we cannot control the movements or behaviour of these beautiful wild creatures, we have 100% success rate on all of our Whale Watching tours.

Simply head to our Bookings Page and Our Whale Watching Season Pass or 1/2 Day Tour and you can book accordingly.

Check in at 9.45 am for 10 am departure, morning tea and lunch included, tour  returns at Bundaberg Port Marina Burnett Heads by 2 pm.